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Walking through nightmares at Fright Dome

Walking through nightmares at Fright Dome

What would it take for you to pee on yourself? Lying on a real autopsy table? Smelling the putrid, dripping flesh of dead bodies? Feeling the fiery breath of a crematorium oven on your face? If you answered yes to any of those scenarios, you’re gonna want to bring your…’s Halloween Countdown: Scarefest

With Halloween on the horizon (it’s next Friday people), our countdown continues. Are you excited? Of course, you are! Instead of good-spirited fun fit for family and friends, today we’re tracking down terror. That’s right – five of the scariest, creepiest and most terrifying attractions are located in and around…

Hard Rock Hotel brings Bloody English Halloween fun to Vegas

This year add some Hard Rock to your Halloween fun. Beginning Oct. 12 and running through Oct. 31, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas is resurrecting their underground nightclub, Body English, and transforming it  into a haunted Victorian London-themed attraction, Bloody English. (Body English is typically closed and only…