Vegas quietly pulls 1,000 magicians out of its hat

On any given day,  you can find a magician or two in just about any Las Vegas hotel. There’s Criss Angel at Luxor. Dirk Arthur at the Tropicana. Lance Burton at Monte Carlo. David Copperfield at the MGM Grand.

And that’s just one intersection of the nearly four miles comprising the Las Vegas Strip.

But over the next few days, more than 1,000 magicians from around the world will descend upon the magic capital of the world for a gathering at the South Point hotel, called Magic Live! The magic conference, organized by Magic magazine, is considered one of the best of its kind.

It is also shrouded in secrecy. Attending magicians did not receive a list of speakers until check-in on Aug. 16, and many performers at the close-up and stage shows go unannounced. The list itself was presented in a sealed envelope putting the choice in the hands of the individual as to whether to be surprised or not. Those who want to be surprised will wear a small, square pin with the word “Shhhhh” on it until the conference ends on Aug. 19.

“We sincerely believe that mystery and surprise is a big part of magic, and a big part of the magic of this unique event,” explains the Magic Live website.

Past conventions have featured appearances from big names like Jason Alexander, Lance Burton, Neil Patrick Harris and Siegfried (of Siegfried & Roy)  as well as many other great performers from the worldwide magic community. Several local magicians, including Penn & Teller, are expected to stop by this year’s conference.


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  1. Bob Gray at 2:02 pm

    Cris Angel show at LUXOR is bad, real bad,
    no mytery there other than why do stupid
    people keep paying that kind of money to
    see such a lousy production. Will never
    set foot in the LUXOR again.