Top bathrooms in Las Vegas

If you’ve been reading the news or social media lately you’ve seen the stories from the Sochi Olympics about some of the city’s less-than-stellar restrooms. Non-existent plumbing, signs warning not to flush the toilet paper and bathrooms sporting two toilets in a single stall are just some of the odd things people are experiencing. A U.S. Olympic bobsledder even got locked in his bathroom and had to break a hole through the door to get out.

While Sochi might have some trouble designing inviting restrooms, Vegas has never had that problem. In fact, we’ve gone out of our way to build some of the most impressive and luxurious bathrooms in the world.

We picked our 10 favorite hotel bathrooms, all from rooms you can book — though you may have to win big at the casino tables to afford some. Plus we added an amazing bathroom that is only available to the highest of high rollers.


Aria Sky Villa

Why it’s awesome: They don’t call these the Sky Villas for nothing. Located on the hotel’s 58th floor, these rooms offer stunning views of the Strip and amenities so spectacular they were used in several scenes in the movie “Last Vegas.” In the bathrooms you’ll find dual sinks, marble fixtures, large showers with seats, spa tubs next to floor-to-ceiling windows, TVs, Hermes bath amenities and electronic toilet controls. Be prepared to pony up the Benjamins to enjoy this luxury. Sky Villas will run you between $3,500 to $7,500 per night.

Amenities: Spa tub, dual sinks, electronic toilet controls

Hard Rock Hotel Specialty Suites

Why it’s awesome: The Specialty Suites at the Hard Rock Hotel are all so over-the-top we couldn’t pick just one. Each has unique aspects like the Celebrity Suite, which features a large bathroom with marble counters, a marble spa tub and a large marble walk-in shower big enough for you and your groupies. If we had to choose one that will really make you feel like a rock star though, it would be the Penthouse Real World Suite. The suite has a mosaic spa tub with a view of the Strip and room for you and five of your closest friends. If a bathroom could talk, oh the stories this room would have.

Amenities: TV, spa tub, oversized mirror, walk-in closets, walk-in shower

Palms Fantasy Suites

Why it’s awesome: You can make your fantasies a reality. The Palms has a variety of specialty suites including The Barbie Suite, which will make you feel like you’re staying in Barbie’s Malibu beach house. The room features skirted, corseted lace dress-up chairs, a sunburst mirror made from 65 Barbie dolls and a bathroom with a large spa tub, marble sinks and, of course, lots of bright pink accents. Another suite at the Palms with a unique bathroom is the Erotic Suite. You could actually throw a wild party in these bathrooms, which include “show showers,” complete with lights, floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing the living room and stripper poles.

Amenities: Spa tub, marble sinks, walk-in showers

Tropicana Sky Villa bathroom
Hotel 32 penthouses at Monte Carlo

Why it’s awesome: This boutique hotel on the top floors of the Monte Carlo offers a high roller experience that is actually bookable by anyone and that includes the penthouses, which offer bathrooms usually enjoyed by those willing to lay down hefty bets in the casino. Want to be bathed in mood-enhancing colored lighting? Step right into the huge Kohler Chromatherapy steam shower for a sensory experience. The bathroom also features a 15-inch in-mirror integrated TV, LED lights in the mirrors, mosaic tile decor, marble countertops and sinks, and a hydrotherapy soaking tub.

Amenities: Steam shower, spa tub, LED-lit mirrors, TV

Tropicana Sky Villas

Why it’s awesome: There won’t be a battle of the sexes when you’re getting ready in the morning because there’s more than enough room for two in this bathroom. The master bathroom of the Sky Villa has two walk-in steam showers with LED showerheads that will let you know what the water temperature is, private his-and-her toilets and marble-topped sinks, a separate makeup area, LED backlit mirrors and a spacious whirlpool spa for two. The lavish whirlpool tub is wrapped in a marble mosaic with a massage function, air jets with LED lights, a computer control panel, a TV and a Kohler water filler from the ceiling. The tubs are also positioned near a large window, giving you amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Amenities: Walk-in steam showers with temperature indicators, marble counters and sinks, LED backlit mirrors, his-and-her water closets, bidet, spa tub with computer panel controls, TV

Tropicana Sky Villa bathroom
M Resort Flat Suite

Why it’s awesome: Everyone knows the old real estate adage: location, location, location. The M Resort Flat Suites, located on the ends of each floor of the hotel, are in the prime location to offer you views, views, views. You don’t have to walk any farther than your own bathroom to enjoy mountain and Strip scenery from the large spa tub situated next to floor-to-ceiling windows. Try to reserve one on the higher floors for the best views.

Amenities: Spa tub, TV

Wynn Parlor Suite

Why it’s awesome: You don’t have to leave your room to feel like you’re getting a spa experience with the Wynn’s posh bathrooms. The elegant restrooms in the Wynn’s Parlor Suites are decorated in calming colors and feature large marble whirlpool soaking tubs, separate toilets, separate marble showers, beautiful vanity areas and walk-in closets.

Amenities: Marble showers, spa tub, vanities

Mirage Villas

Why it’s awesome: You’ll feel like you belong on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” at the Mirage Villas. These private vacation retreats feature things like private pools and putting greens. Inside, the rooms have a distinctly palatial feel. The bathrooms are decorated with lots of marble and large mirrors. Other features include whirlpool tubs, dual vanities, massive walk-in showers, walk-in closets and high-end amenities. Jeeves, please bring me my shampoo.

Amenities: Spa tub, dual vanities, walk-in shower, Clairsonic facial cleansing system

Mandarin Oriental The Mandarin Suite

Why it’s awesome: You might need to bring your own lifeguard because the tub in The Mandarin Suite looks more like a small swimming pool. The suite features two bathrooms. They include cool amenities like TVs but the main attraction is a huge sunken bath with an amazing view of the city and a large walk-in shower. The suite also has a personal fitness area.

Amenities: TV, spa tub, walk-in shower

Tropicana Sky Villa bathroom
Bally’s Jubilee Suite

Why it’s awesome: We measure things a little bit differently in Vegas and you know if you can fit four Jubilee! showgirls in a tub then it’s one of the best bathrooms in town. These new suites, named after the Bally’s long-running showgirl revue, feature views of the Strip and bathrooms with upgraded fixtures, dual sinks, large closets, spacious showers and a huge spa tub in the center. Sorry – showgirls not included.

Amenities: Dual sinks, spa tub, upgraded fixtures

Tropicana Sky Villa bathroom

Saving the best for last

Those were our top 10 bathrooms in hotel rooms, but there was one bathroom that trumped all others. Unfortunately, you have to be a high roller to even get through the door. Still, Vegas is a city of dreams, so we wanted to offer you a glimpse inside the poshest bathroom on the Las Vegas Strip.

Caesars Palace Constantine Villa

Why it’s awesome: Botticelli’s Venus would be at home in the luxury suites at Caesars Palace. If you’re a high roller at Caesars Palace you can live like a Greek goddess in the Constantine Villa. The master suite’s bathroom is massive (like as big as your first apartment) and has marble columns, his-and-hers sinks, toilets and vanities. Other luxurious touches include a steam shower, flat-screen TVs and toilets that have heated seats, an automatically opening lid and bidets. The highlight of the bathroom is a large marble-topped tub with gold-plated fixtures in the center of the room. The Constantine Villa is one of three high roller villas at Caesars Palace. They are about 10,000 square feet each and all have impressive bathrooms. You can’t reserve these rooms, but if you could, the price tag would be $40,000 a night.

Amenities: His-and-her sinks, steam shower, TV, heated toilet, spa tub and much more

Tropicana Sky Villa bathroom

Great bathrooms in clubs, restaurants and hotels

Vegas’ great bathrooms are not confined to hotel rooms and suites. There are plenty of unusual and amazing restrooms located in clubs, hotel lobbies and restaurants. On your next visit, take a tour of some of Vegas’ great public restrooms.

Main Street Station

Why it’s awesome: Plenty of drunken people used the Berlin Wall as a urinal over the years and even though the Wall is gone, there’s still a piece of it in a bathroom at Main Street Station. In one of the men’s restrooms there’s a graffiti-laden section of the Berlin Wall above the urinals. A plaque chronicles when it was built and dismantled, while artwork and photographs of the iconic embodiment of the Cold War are also on display.

Main Street
Flirt Lounge

Why it’s awesome: The folks who designed Flirt Lounge, located next to the Chippendales Theater at the Rio, know that women often go to the restroom in pairs so they can talk. Flirt has a restroom that features a circular dressing area called “the gossip pit.” The feminine décor also includes lavender walls, rich violet drapes and dark purple leather couches. A freestanding, mosaic-tiled vanity with a large, softly lit mirror sits in the center of the room. The best part? Footage of the sexy Chippendales dancers is broadcast on flat-screen TVs.

Flirt Lounge

Mix Lounge

Why it’s awesome: If you’re not afraid of heights you’ll find one of the most impressive views of Vegas in the restrooms at Mix Lounge at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. Located on the 43rd floor, the women’s restroom here features fully enclosed bathrooms. The walls and even the toilets are jet black, while floor-to-ceiling windows offer amazing – and possibly vertigo-inducing views of the Strip. Similarly, in the men’s restroom, the row of urinals faces a window that overlooks the city.

Tropicana Sky Villa bathroom

Why it’s awesome: This bathroom is considered one of the best in the country. It was a 2009 nominee in Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom Contest. The men’s and women’s bathrooms were made from material imported from Italy including Carrera marble tiles, handcrafted wooden doors, Venetian plaster, solid marble sinks, limestone columns, silk curtains and Murano glass chandeliers.

The women’s room features private enclosed bathrooms with Murano glass sinks. In the common area there’s a couch and a Murano glass mural surrounding a stone lion head mounted over a small pool with silk roses in it.

In between the men’s and women’s bathrooms there are more chandeliers, a Murano glass mural of a harlequin and more Carrera marble tile.

Tropicana Sky Villa bathroom
Paris Las Vegas

Why it’s awesome: The Paris-themed hotel paid a lot of attention to detail to make sure it had the look and feel of the city – right down to the restrooms. The public bathrooms at Paris Las Vegas are furnished in true French provincial style – with pedestal sinks, decorative patterned tiles and individual mirrors in ornately carved, gold-colored frames.

Moon Nightclub

Why it’s awesome: Moon Nightclub at the Palms is all about the views. Located on the hotel’s 53rd floor, the club offers amazing views of the Strip and the Las Vegas Valley. The club even gives you a view of the stars above when it opens its retractable roof. So you know they didn’t skimp on views in the bathrooms either. Full-length glass windows are utilized on the exterior sides of the stalls in the women’s restroom. The room also features futuristic, stainless steel accents.



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