Top 10 tips for staying in shape in Vegas

Man handing out stripper fliersAs a city known for excess and debauchery, Vegas probably doesn’t seem like the ideal vacation spot for those who are trying to stay in shape. Sure, most hotels have fitness centers with state-of the art equipment and a slew of aerobics classes. In fact, Las Vegas has a ton of unique options from yoga among dolphins to stripper classes! But who has time for regimented exercise when there’s wages to be made, drinks to slam and strippers to ogle? No worries! With my Top 10 ways to stay fit on your Vegas vacation, you can have your buffet and eat it too:

10. Hike from the MGM Grand parking structure to pretty much any location inside the MGM Grand.

9. Run away from the people inside the hotel trying to sell you a time share.

8. Run away from the canvassers on the Strip trying to hand you smut (or better yet, take a handout from each and every one of them).

7. Run from your air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned building.

6. Engage in marathon martini drinking with former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman.

5. Do some curls: Order two yard long margaritas, one for each arm. Lift, curl, drink, uncurl, repeat.

4. Now dance on top of the table.

3. Find the nearest restroom and puke your guts out.

2. Skip the drive-through at McDonalds. Go to the Tunnel of Love Drive-Through Wedding Chapel instead.

1. Sweat off any extra calories by anticipating your significant other’s reaction to the “Party Animal” tattoo on your forehead.



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  1. Shoshana Hebshi at 12:47 pm

    What about hoofing it back to the airport because you gambled away all the money that was to be your cab fare.