Toilet talk: 10 of the most unique restrooms in Vegas

Looking for the best seat in the house? It may not be the one you’re thinking of. Las Vegas is known for going over the top, so it should come as no surprise that the city’s restrooms have begun to upstage the hotels, restaurants and nightclubs in which they reside. Over the past two decades, some impressive powder rooms have been erected in these venues. From sexy and sweet to weird and outrageous, here are 10 of Sin City’s most extravagant lavatories – where you’re sure to be sitting (or standing) in style.


The women’s restroom in Flirt Lounge at the Rio is like a private retreat. (Photo courtesy of the “Las Vegas Sun”/Leila Navidi)

Flirt Lounge at Rio ­
Located next to the Chippendales Theater, this ladies’ restroom has been dubbed “the gossip pit,” thanks to its stunning circular dressing area. With lavender walls, rich violet drapes and dark purple leather couches, it is super girly. The space provides a counterbalance to the testosterone-infused stage antics of the dancers – although, footage of nearly naked men is broadcast on flat-screen TVs in here. A freestanding, mosaic-tiled vanity with a large, softly lit mirror sits in the center of the room.

Main Street Station
This downtown hotel is home to the city’s most historic loo. In one of the men’s restrooms, a graffiti-laden section of the Berlin Wall has been inserted above the urinals. A plaque chronicles when it was built and dismantled, while artwork and photographs of the iconic embodiment of the Cold War are also on display.

Mix in THEhotel at Mandalay Bay
Located on the 43rd floor, the women’s restroom here features fully enclosed stalls. The walls and even the toilets are jet black, while floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the Strip. Similarly, in the men’s restroom, the row of urinals faces a window that overlooks the city.

Moon at the Palms
The exhibitionist theme has been carried over to this nightclub, which is also perched above Las Vegas on the 53rd floor. Full-length glass windows are utilized on the exterior sides of the stalls in the women’s restroom. Designed to add a thrill of excitement (both from looking out and from the potential of people looking in), the unusual experience is enhanced by futuristic, stainless steel accents.

Paris Las Vegas
The women’s restrooms in this très chic hotel are furnished in true French provincial style – with pedestal sinks, decorative blue-patterned tile and individual mirrors in ornately carved, gold-colored frames.

A collage of Playmates through the years beautifies the walls of the Playboy Club at the Palms.

A collage of Playmates through the years beautifies the walls of the restrooms in the Playboy Club at the Palms. (Photo courtesy of the “Las Vegas Sun”/Leila Navidi)

Playboy Club at the Palms
From the door handles to the mirrors, the iconic bunny logo appears throughout the men’s and women’s restrooms in this sexy nightspot where women in bunny suits deal cards and deliver drinks. The design, which was approved by Hugh Hefner himself, highlights more than 50 years of Playmates through a collage on a printed vinyl wall covering. Playmates were also photographed specifically for the stall doors – i.e., you can see them from the front upon entering and then, once inside the stall, you’ll see them in the same pose from the back.

The Sporting House Bar & Grill at New York-New York
Sports fans will be in heaven here, even when they are indisposed. Boasting more than 130 TVs in every shape and size, expect to see every minute of your favorite game when you go to the restrooms because all the stalls and urinals are outfitted with LED monitors.

The women's restaurant in Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel is like a spa, complete with helpful attendants to help you look your best. (Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun/Leila Navidi)

The women’s restroom in Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel is like a spa, complete with friendly attendants. (Photo courtesy of the “Las Vegas Sun”/Leila Navidi)

Vanity at Hard Rock Hotel
At 2,000 square feet, the glamorous women’s restroom in this nightclub is an attraction in its own right. A sanctuary of sorts, there are glass chandeliers, a round sofa and three-way mirrors. Large photographs of an eye and a pair of lips adorn the walls. Red velvet settees are placed by the individual primping areas at each sink. The men’s restroom in this nightclub is also stunning with reptile skin-like walls and flat-screen monitors over the urinals.

Wynn Las Vegas
Both the men’s and women’s restrooms in this resort are luxurious. There is marble as far as the eye can see, while pumpkin-hued walls nicely set off the trough-like sinks. The ingenious spigot-style faucet has a lever to control the flow of water. Plus, the gilded mirrors and gold-accented lighting fixtures are sure to take your breath away.

Zeffirino Ristorante in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian
The restrooms in this beloved Italian restaurant are fit for Roman emperors and empresses. Villa-like in décor, they have marble floors, Murano glass chandeliers and custom-made mosaic tile artwork. The stalls are fully enclosed suites, while urinals are framed with drapes. As the pièce de résistance, the glass washbasins feel like fountains.


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