The Liquor Library, your next first stop in Vegas

Grab your bags and a bottle next time you arrive in Vegas.

Who wants to go to the library when they first come to Vegas? Everyone, when the library’s catalog is full of alcohol. Later this month, McCarran International Airport will be home to Liquor Library, the first and only packaged liquor store located within the baggage claim area of any airport in the country. Liquor Library is also the first airport liquor store in the United States that will operate without duty-free restrictions.

The exact opening date of the new shop hasn’t been announced yet, but when it comes to booze we didn’t want to wait on letting thirsty visitors know about their next first stop in Vegas.  Why delay your drinking until you check in at your hotel? Now, the party can begin at the airport as soon as you get your bag, paired with a bottle of your favorite booze.

The new 1,350-square-foot retail shop will offer a wide variety of beer, wine, sprits, cigars, cigarettes, and on-the-go essentials priced competitively with other liquor stores located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Liquor Library isn’t just a catchy name. The store’s interior was designed with vertical, library-style shelving and rolling library ladders that allow easy access to literally top-shelf brands. The library theme even extends to the employees who will be wearing librarian-inspired uniforms.

Lucky for us, searching the card catalog here means perusing shelves of shiny bottles filled with your start to a good time in Vegas. No need for the Dewey Decimal System when drinks are at hand.