The Dos and Don’ts of Walking in Vegas

While in Vegas, you’ll be walking more than you can imagine. See, each resort on the Strip is a small town in and of itself. As a result, getting from your parked car to your room can be a 20-minute walk.

Inside, every casino is a labyrinth of slot machines and table games, making it hard to orient yourself, even if you have been there before (I still occasionally get lost in casinos). This means more walking.

As you approach the Strip from McCarran International  Airport (or from the highway if your’e driving), it will seem that going from one casino to the next one is a hop. Not so fast. These casinos are gigantic and cover a lot of ground, so just walking from one to the next one will help you burn off several hundred calories.

Because of this you should always wear walking shoes and carry a bottle of water (not juice, soda or alcohol, all of which will dehydrate you). Even when it’s not very hot you can dehydrate easily due to the dry weather.

And don’t think of walking from the Strip to Fremont Street  (or vice-versa). On your map it may look like a short distance,but it’s not. And even if you could do it, the area in between is somewhat rough (despite the number of wedding chapels along the corridor). Instead take the double decker bus that runs all day and night.


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  1. Susan at 1:20 pm

    there are at least 2 free trams (more were under construction0 the last time I was there.
    One runs from the Hilton to the MGM (behind the hotels). The second runs from the Luxor to the Excalibur.