T-Rex comes to town

If you’re my age, then you were probably a fan of the popular dinosaur animated movie, “A Land Before Time.” I actually had a conversation with one of my work friends about this movie and we talked how we used to collect the dinosaur puppets. Who could resist Little Foot?

Then there was the short-lived sitcom “Dinosaurs” and of course, all the Jurassic Park movies. Dinosaurs have quite the heavy fan base and for all you dinosaur lovers, you can see the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton (known as “Samson”) at the Venetian from Sept. 18th through Oct. 3rd. Admission to see Samson, placed in the former location of  the Guggenheim Museum, is free.

Images courtesy of Craig Cutler

Images courtesy of Craig Cutler

Samson is actually one of the largest T-Rex specimens ever discovered. This rare 66-million-year-old T-Rex is one of the three most complete specimens found. Discovered more than 15 years ago, Samson was excavated near Buffalo, S.D.

Samson measured approximately 40 feet in length, tall enough to look through a second-story window. Its massive skull and sharp, powerful teeth could have bitten through the leg bones of other dinosaurs. Originally prepared by scientists and technicians at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Samson’s skull is considered to be one of the most complete T-Rex skulls in existence. The entire specimen contains approximately 170 bones.

On the last day of its display, international auctioneers Bonhams & Butterfields will host an auction for Samson. The price is to be determined. Sue, the T-Rex skeleton sold in 1997, was worth a whopping $8.3 million.

In addition to Samson, other dinosaur specimens and fossils will be for sale. This includes a fully mounted 28-foot-long “duckbilled” dinosaur skeleton and a seven-foot-long fossil shark. If you’re the lucky winner and can fit any of these in your house, imagine the conversations you’ll stir up at dinner parties!

And if you do happen to win Samson, you can happily tell everyone you own the biggest animal that ever roamed the earth. It’s quite the upgrade from the Little Foot puppet.


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