Saying “I do” to a sandwich named Bobbie


Along with entertainment, Vegas is also known at the Marriage Capital of the World. People can come to Vegas, fall in love, decide to get hitched and have a ceremony all in the same day, even if it’s to a sandwich.

 That’s what some couples got to experience on July 21 as Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop offered the chance for fans to marry one of their famous sandwiches, The Bobbie, at the Little White Wedding Chapel located in downtown Vegas.main

 For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Bobbie, it includes homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo. Basically it’s a Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich form and potentially the perfect recipe for marital bliss.

More than 200 fans participated in the “Marry A Bobbie” event including CEO Ashley Morris and COO Jason Smylie, who fell in love with the sandwich as students at UNLV more than seven years ago.

Couples were encouraged to dress for the occasion to match the marital Bobbies dressed in tuxedos and wedding veils.

Each participant received an official marriage photo, wedding certificate and a Bobbie sandwich. The couple with the wildest wedding photo wins free Bobbies for a year. Wait, wouldn’t that be considered cheating?

Being married to a sandwich should make an interesting anniversary celebration. Hopefully these relationships don’t get stale.