Pressing your luck in Vegas

Las Vegas is all about luck and some gamblers like to rely on a little something extra to give them that edge. Some bring along a lucky trinket to the tables and some engage in superstitious behavior every time they set foot in a casino. Here are some of the common lucky symbols and objects and even a few of the unlucky things to keep an eye out for the next time you’re in town:
• Rabbit’s foot
• Wearing the same article of clothing while gambling (a lucky hat, jacket, etc.)
• Wearing red underwear
• A figurine the gambler considers lucky
• The color red is considered the color of
prosperity and good fortune.
• The number eight in Asian culture is lucky because the word for eight in Chinese is similar
to the word for prosperity. (Four is an unlucky number because the word for four in Chinese is pronounced much like the word for death.)
• In Asian cultures, flowers are considered
good luck
• In Asian cultures, water is a sign of prosperity and plentiful luck.
• Some gamblers hold their cards or throw their dice a certain way.
• Don’t tap someone on the shoulder when they
are playing – that’s considered bad luck.
• Don’t sit cross legged when gambling, you
will cross out your luck.
•Don’t drop a card on the floor during a game.


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