Orange creamsicle and a spa day make a heavenly treat

orangecreamsicleI remember eating orange Creamsicle ice cream bars as a kid.

It was usually during the summer after my cousins and I would swim in my Sesame Street pool in the front yard. We would walk to the corner store and pick our favorites. When I wasn’t getting my Ninja Turtle ice cream (you know, the kind with gumballs for eyes), orange Creamsicle was always my favorite. Orange and vanilla – enough said!

Fast forward 20-something years later. While I’m no longer walking barefoot to the nearby market to get my ice cream fix, the thought of getting a spa treatment with Creamsicle anything sounds too tasty for words.

Through August 31, celebrate summer with these Creamsicle-scented “Summer Retreat” specials at the spa at New York-New York. Starting at $80, you can enjoy four different 50-minute soothing treatments:

spaCreamsicle Massage
A world of relaxation awaits with you with this Swedish massage accentuated by rejuvenating Creamsicle scents.
Cost: $110

Creamsicle Facial
This hydrating facial provides immediate results as it reduces redness and smoothes the skin.
Cost: $130

Creamsicle Body Polish
Lavish the body with a full body exfoliation using Creamsicle scrub designed to leave the skin soft and smooth.  An application of Creamsicle lotion follows, leaving a refreshed and hydrated feeling.
Cost: $110 

Creamsicle Pedicure
Enjoy all the classic elements of a pedicure with a Creamsicle foot and leg exfoliation. This treatment finishes with a Creamsicle lotion foot and leg massage.
Cost: $80

These sound so good, I can almost taste it. So, instead of checking my piggy bank for coins to buy my ice cream, I’ll be checking my bank to see if I can treat myself to one of these.

To book an appointment, call (702) 740-6955.


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