On-call supernannies in Vegas

Although you’ve come to Las Vegas with your kids, you may desire some adults-only playtime on the town. Fortunately, there are several reliable babysitting agencies at your beck and call here.

Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. is at the top of the list. In 2000, Lexy Capp founded the company with the goal of helping parents find dependable care for their kids. She noticed that in Europe nannies are treated with the same respect as doctors – but that hasn’t been the case in the U.S.

Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A.

The sitters with Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. bring books, games and other age-appropriate toys with them.

“I really wanted to raise the standard in the industry,” said Capp, who is a mother of three. “This is the most important job there is. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than family.”

For the past 12 years, her company has built a stellar reputation. In fact, Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. is recommended by the finest hotels in the city. It’s the preferred agency of Wynn Las Vegas, The Venetian, Caesars Palace and all of the MGM Resorts International properties. Plus, the company has racked up an impressive list of accolades – such as  winning the 2011 Agency of the Year award from the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies as well as receiving a Parents’ Choice Award for four straight years (from 2009 to 2012).

“The beautiful thing is that we’ve filled every single on-call request we’ve gotten,” said Capp. “We’ve never said ‘no.’”

Although a minimum advance notice of four hours is ideal, Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. will make every effort to accommodate those who phone “at the eleventh hour.” Recently, the agency got a call from a local woman whose water broke. She needed to go to the hospital, and they had a nanny at her house within 35 minutes.

Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A.

Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. has been serving visitors and locals in Las Vegas since 2000.

Capp retains a full-time office staff of eight along with a list of on-call babysitters that numbers 193. All of them are licensed, bonded and fully insured. They are also meticulously screened. Unlike some online babysitting services, Capp said that candidates of Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. are interviewed face-to-face. Her nannies must have at least two years of experience with verifiable references. In addition to drug testing, a criminal check is conducted in every county where they’ve lived. CPR and first aid certification are mandatory as well.

“We’ve got a great team of nannies. We employ a lot of teachers – one was nominated for Disney’s Teacher of the Year award. We also had a gal working for us who ran the children’s programming division at Disney Cruise Lines,” said Capp. “One of our nannies has been a foster parent for 33 children, so we call her the ‘baby whisperer.’ I think she could get any baby to go to sleep. All of our nannies are truly wonderful, qualified professionals.”

And because Las Vegas is an international playground, Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. has babysitters available who speak several languages – including Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and even Russian. On top of that, Capp explained her nannies are required to go through an orientation and attend ongoing workshops as part of the company’s “Steps to Excellence” program.

“We’ve brought in parenting coaches and different people from the service industry because ultimately we are a service organization,” said Capp. “We’ve also brought in arts and crafts teachers to provide a variety of new ideas.”

A child with a babysitter

On-call babysitters from Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. allow parents the freedom to enjoy adult activities in Las Vegas.

Parents can expect their children to be engaged with fun activities. Generally speaking, the on-call nannies will arrive at the requested hour dressed in khakis and a company-issued polo shirt. They’ll be carrying a logo tote bag, somewhat like Mary Poppins (as the company’s emblem features a woman holding an umbrella and a carpet bag). Since inquiries are made about the ages and genders of the children to be supervised during the reservation process, nannies come equipped with age-appropriate activities. So if Max is 8 years old and Hannah is 3 years old, they can look forward to just the right mix of books, games and arts-oriented amusement.

“We’re not sending out couch potatoes,” joked Capp. “We really go the distance. We want to make it a wonderful experience for everyone.”

Without a doubt, parents who use Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. can have confidence that while they’re out on the town having fun, their kids are safe in the hotel room having fun too.

How to get an in-room babysitter while visiting Vegas

Finding a babysitter in an unfamiliar location can be quite a challenge. But there are several good agencies to call in Las Vegas. They will send licensed sitters directly to your hotel room. Some of them even come equipped with games, books, movies and other activities. Hourly rates for babysitting usually range from $35 to $45, with a three- to four-hour minimum per booking (note: holiday rates may vary). This doesn’t include a reservation fee of about $10.

Here are three of the city’s best agencies:

Artsy Nannies—With an office at the Town Square Las Vegas entertainment complex, Artsy Nannies can provide on-site babysitting services while you go shopping, have a meal or enjoy a movie. Workshops are also offered there most days of the week, ranging from “Wacky Wednesdays” to “Science Fun Sundays.” Artsy Nannies also boasts a “Parent Helpers” service for on-the-go parents, or they can come directly to your hotel room. For more information, call (702) 448-4352.

Dial-A-GrannyIn business for more than 30 years, Dial-A-Granny can supply babysitters to all of the major hotels on the Strip or plan an excursion for your children, if you prefer. They specialize in the care of newborns to 14-year-olds. Along with health screenings, fingerprinting, background checks, CPR certification and first aid training, their staff members have been disaster-trained since 9/11. For more information, call (702) 243-1880.

Nannies & Housekeepers U.S. A.—Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. has been providing trusted and reliable on-call service in Las Vegas for more than 12 years. They have built a solid reputation by conducting meticulous screenings and continuous training for their activity-laden nannies who arrive ready to provide fun combined with safety. International visitors will especially appreciate that they have sitters who speak a host of different languages. For more information, call (702) 451-0021.



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