NBA Summer League dribbles back into town

Remember the NBA finals this year? And it was the Cavs against the Lakers and then the Cavs took it all? No? You don’t remember it that way?

All right, fine, I don’t remember it that way either, but as a Cleveland native and lifetime member of the Sports Heartbreak Club, I wish it had gone that way. Luckily, Cleveland will get a chance to show the world what could have happened this Saturday, July 11 as part of the 2009 NBA Summer League here in Vegas.

It’s not exactly the finals, but the summer league (held at the Thomas & Mack Center and the COX Pavilion on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus) is a great opportunity to see some of your favorite up-and-coming players without having to make a trip to Houston or Detroit (or even Cleveland).

The summer league started in 2004 (without the NBA branding — that came in 2007) and has expanded from six teams to more than 20. This year, a total of 55 games will be played from July 10 through July 19, which, admittedly, isn’t much of a “season,” but is still more basketball in the summer than anybody could ask for.

Although there’s a broadband package to watch the games on demand, the deals in Vegas are pretty fantastic right now — meaning it might just be worth it to take a quick trip into town.

For more information on the summer league, including teams, players and the schedule, click here.

And, if basketball’s your thing and you’re already in town, check out The Hoop Hall Experience at Planet Hollywood. It’s a whole interactive thing that should make you happy, even if your team doesn’t. To take it up one more level, there’s the Hardwood Suite at the Palms, which has a court in-room, so you can practice whatever ridiculous dunks you saw that day.

(Go Cavs!)

Photo courtesy Palms Las Vegas


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  1. caplondon at 10:20 pm

    The summer league is a good chance to see the young new rookies and soon to be star players. And you never know which veteran players you will see showing up to play or watch the games. They are a fun and cheaper to see than a NBA game. If your in town, take a break and watch some exciting hoop action!!