Name that…Seasonal Stripper!

Do you enjoy being creative, coming up with clever puns and/or making other people laugh? No?

Do you like strippers then?

There it is.

To give our poor, moniker-less “Seasonal Strippers” a name and maybe win a prize while you’re at it, head over to’s Facebook. Four prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest — to our two favorite names and to the two submissions with the most Facebook “likes.”

If you’re looking for inspiration before you click, take a look at our dancers below. girl_largepilgrim_large

Plus, blog bonus, we know you want to get into Thanksgiving spirit any way you can, so here’s some flair for your buddy icon. Right click, save-as and you’re on your way (if you wouldn’t mind throwing a link to the contest up somewhere, that would help, but, hey, no pressure):