Mandarin Oriental Spa in Las Vegas offers sunshine, yoga and so much more


Looks like we can steal some decorating tips from the spa at Mandarin Oriental. Here you’ll find 1930s Shanghai-inspired artwork throughout the gorgeous facility. All photos coutesy of Mandarin Oriental.

Heading to the spa? It should be a refreshing experience. You shouldn’t feel like you’re trapped in a dark cave. We get that it’s one way  to escape and relax, but you want to feel rejuvenated too. Plus, dim lighting and dark corners sound more like elements of a scary movie than a spa day. So we need light. Lots of it.

That’s why we love the award-winning Forbes Five-Star spa at Mandarin Oriental. Measuring more than 25,000 square feet, this two-level spa offers natural lighting from its multiple floor-to-ceiling windows. Whether you’re lounging in the relaxation area, unwinding during a spa treatment or breaking a sweat during a yoga session, the sunlight greets you everywhere.

This is just one of the reasons we’re so in love with this Las Vegas spa. See why we dream of staying here all day, every day.


You can work on your tan. We’ll work on our sleep… right after we sip our herbal tea. These heated loungers will change your life.

There’s natural daylight everywhere. Why, hellooo daylight. We know, we know. We just talked about the spa’s natural lighting. But obviously it left such a lasting impression on us. This is such a treat, especially when you’re visiting Vegas. Whether you’re getting a Chinese foot spa treatment, enjoying a couple’s massage or falling asleep on one of the Tepidarium (heated) loungers, the sun does wonders for your mood. You’ll always want to go to a spa with natural lighting from now on. Plus, when we reach our 100-degree summer weather, you get to soak up the sun, all without getting scorched by it.


Pack your swimsuit and take a dip in the spa’s vitality pool any time of the year.

The women’s and men’s relaxation rooms are the business. Or the bee’s knees. However you want to classify it, they’re amazing. We’re crazy about the vitality pools, which are right in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. We love the pool club scene, but here you can take a dip year round without being too hot. Plus, you get to sip on delicious fruit and veggie-infused water, like cucumber and watermelon. Talk about refreshing!


We’re ready for our hammam session. We love the starry ceiling.

The hammam is so dreamy. Star light, star bright: If you’re coming with your sweetie, make sure you check this out. Located in the co-ed relaxation area, the hammam is a Turkish-style steam bath you’ll experience right before a treatment. This spa’s hammam comes with lounge-style seating and includes a full-body exfoliation on the heated marble table located in the center of the room. Plus, the starry ceiling sure beats camping in our book.


What’s better than experiencing the best spa treatment? Taking someone with you, of course.

The couple’s rooms heighten the experience. The rooms are a real beauty (cue whistle). And we tested it — the beds are so close together, you can reach out and give each other a hand squeeze during your massages. Each couple’s room comes with its own private shower and steam room. If you’re planning a night out in town, this is a fabulous way to start it. We also love how this spa has a co-ed relaxation room; many spas only have gender-specific ones. With this amenity, you get to be with your honey from start to finish.


This spa uses all natural and organic treatments.

The treatments restore your soul. We’re certain you’ve read that in just about every spa brochure, but the Mandarin Oriental spa truly caters to your needs. Do you ever have those days where you’re just feeling… off? (Sounds like every day to us!) This spa provides you with a questionnaire that will help therapists make the most of your service and get you back where you need to be.

One popular spa “journey” is the East Meets West ritual. It combines both Eastern and Western practices with deep tissue techniques and Thai massage movements. The herbal massage also relieves your tight muscles. The one-hour, 50-minute massage starts at $280.

Another popular service is the Chinese foot spa, a popular ritual in the Far East. The 45-minute service includes an herbal foot bath, foot mask, as well as neck and shoulder massage. Other fun perks include a heated herbal neck wrap and fresh tea.


Now THIS is what we call a yoga studio.

This spa has a way cool yoga studio. You’ll be wanting to namaste (emphasis on “stay”) here until the next century. You can do yoga and also Pilates and kinesis training. It’s $35 for non-hotel guests and free if you’re staying at the hotel. Class sizes are limited, so reservations are recommended. Private sessions, as well as a fitness gym, are also available.

Mandarin Oriental also received a Five-Star award for its resort and signature restaurant, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire. There are only nine properties worldwide that received a triple Five-Star award, with Mandarin Oriental the only property in Las Vegas. Additionally, its prime location makes it easy to access Aria, Vdara and other hotels in the heart of the Strip.

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