Let’s all be Forever 21

forever21mainI thought I died and went to clothing heaven.

That’s how I felt when I stepped into the revamped two-story, 126,000-square-foot Forever 21 store inside the Fashion Show mall.

The store hasn’t even been open for a month and it’s already gotten so much buzz and attention.  When I first walked in the newly remodeled store, I heard one of my favorite Q-Tip songs featuring Norah Jones playing on the loudspeakers. And the words to the song couldn’t match my Forever 21 experience any better: “Life is better, now that (now that) I found you!” This was basically the perfect serenade to my shopping adventure.

forever21In addition to original Forever 21 apparel and accessories, the store includes Forever 21 brands, such as Heritage 1981, a lifestyle brand for women; 21Men, a line of fresh, fast fashion for men of all ages; Twelve by Twelve, a couture-like aspiration line; Faith 21, an extended-sizes line; Love 21, a contemporary women’s line; HTG81, a kid’s line; and Love and Beauty, a cosmetics collection. And let’s not forget about all fun and pretty purses, available in all shapes and sizes.

And with such a big store, it’s inevitable for clothes to get misplaced. For instance, I found the cutest grey frilly vest in a wrong section but wanted to check on other sizes and colors. Being that the store is more than 100,000-square feet, I thought I would never find the vest’s “home.”

Luckily, since there are so many employees here working different sections, two of them were able to help me track down what I was looking for. Let’s just say I ended up finding what I wanted and left the store a very happy girl (without burning a hole through my wallet).

If you’re familiar with Forever 21 already, they section clothes by style, occasion and color. But beware — you might want to make this an all-day event anyway. There are too many threads to choose from.

Located near Bally and Kenneth Cole, shoppers can access the store from the top or bottom level.

So yes, Forever 21 — life is better now that I’ve found you.


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