Last-minute costume ideas for Halloween partying in Vegas

mainSo you’re heading to Vegas for Halloween, but in the midst of your excitement you forgot to think about planning out a costume in advance. Lucky for you we’ve put together some tips and easy costume ideas to help you through the holiday. These costumes may not help you win one of the various costume contests being held at almost every nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip, but they will get you in the door and at least give you an amusing photo to use for your Facebook profile.

1.  Blue Man. Let’s face it, this may not be the hippest costume idea, but it’s easy and it’s somewhat relevant if you’re in Vegas.
What you’ll need: black pants, a black shirt, black shoes, a skull cap and blue grease paint.
You might need a friend to help you put on the skull cap to make sure all of your hair is covered. Once you’re all dressed all you need to do is cover your hands, face and head in blue paint and you’re good to go.

2. Jabbawockeez. This modern all-male dance and hip-hop crew is known for wearing uniform white masks, white gloves and matching outfits. They just opened their new permanent show at Monte Carlo making this idea slightly more contemporary than some of our other suggestions.
What you’ll need: a white mask that can be found at a craft store (Michaels) or online, a hooded-sweatshirt, pants and sneakers that are the same color and white gloves.
If you can’t find clothes all the same color that’s ok. The key element here is wearing the white mask and covering your head with either a hood from a hooded sweatshirt or a hat.tacky

3. Tacky Tourist. We know, you’re not going to break any costume records for the most innovative idea with this, but if done right it can be very funny. One of the biggest advantages to this is you don’t need to find a costume shop, maybe a second hand store to get that perfect Hawaiian shirt, but a costume shop isn’t necessary.
What you’ll need: a fanny pack, high socks worn with sneakers or sandals like Tevas, camera or binoculars around your neck, too short shorts (if you’re a man), boxy cropped pants or shorts with an elastic waist (if you’re a woman), Mardi Gras beads and some kind of hat (preferably a safari hat). Many of these items can be found at souvenir shops at most of the hotels on the Strip or you can make a stop at Bonanza Gift Shop, the largest souvenir shop in town.
Optional: Maps or guide books that can be found at most concierge desks around town, a bunch of calling cards for escort services from the slap-happy street peddlers on the Strip who try and hand them out to anyone who walks by.

4. Hunter S. Thompson author of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Hey, we’ve all seen the movie with Johnny Depp, and the best part about this costume is that it necessitates that you’re not sober. It’s also an easy costume that uses some of the same things as the Tacky Tourist.
What you’ll need: aviator sunglasses (yellow or orange aviators to be really authentic, but any color will do), a white safari hat or a white hat that has a brim that goes all the way around the hat or a plastic green visor that says Las Vegas on it (these are sold at many souvenir shops), a Hawaiian shirt, either white or khaki shorts, long white socks that go half-way up your shin and sneakers.
Optional:  If you really want to look authentic, have a cigarette with a cigarette filter on it hanging out of your mouth at all times.

5. Roman God or Goddess. This costume can be elaborate or really simple depending upon how much time you have. This is an easy costume because all you need is a sheet -think college toga party. If you really get desperate you can use the sheet from the bed in your hotel room (we didn’t tell you that), but expect a room charge if the sheet isn’t returned or is in ruins (not an unlikely occurrence for a Halloween party in Vegas).
What you’ll need: a sheet, safety pins
Optional: fake ivy, gold ribbon or other gold accessories.
Once you have the sheet wrap it around you so that it goes over your shoulder and covers all of the necessary areas. You might have to fold the sheet in half first depending upon how tall you are. Then the sheet can be tied or fastened with a few safety pins from the hotel room sewing kit if your room has one. If not, safety pins are often sold at stores that carry other typical sundries like Band-Aids. Put on a pair of sandals and you’re all set. If you want to get more creative and can make it over to a craft store or even Wal-Mart you can look for a string of fake Ivy to use to create a wreath for your head or as an additional embellishment to your toga. You can also look for gold ribbon to tie around your arm or use as a head piece.

6. Zombie. Since zombies come in all forms you don’t need a costume for this, just some old clothes that you don’t mind putting some tears in or smearing with a little fake blood. Other than that, makeup is the key element to this costume and does take a little time to plan out and apply.
What you’ll need: old clothes (jeans, T-shirt, dress, etc), fake blood, white, grey and/or green makeup, black makeup for shading and around your eyes
Optional: Liquid latex if you want to create the appearance of fake skin.
Like the other costume ideas you can make your makeup as easy or complicated as you want. For the most part, all of your makeup can be purchased with one trip to a costume shop. Your main objective is to make yourself look dead and hungry for the taste of human flesh.guitar

7. Rockstar. This costume is pretty much up for interpretation but strapping a fake guitar to you is a must, and we know just the place where you can find one on the Strip. Rockhouse Bar and Nightclub located in front of Imperial Palace sells plastic, guitar-shaped drink holders that you can wear as part of your costume. If you’re planning on wearing it to a club we recommend not filling it with any booze as nightclubs don’t allow outside alcohol into their clubs.
What you’ll need: fake guitar, long-haired wig and some jewelry as that seems to be characteristic for many rockers, think Bret Michaels or Steve Tyler.
Optional: Black eyeliner, fake tattoos

8. Vampire. With the rise in popularity of “Twilight” and “True Blood” the typical image of a vampire has changed. It no longer requires that you have a pronounced widow’s peak and wear a black cape and slacks like Dracula. Today the vampire can be anyone with fangs.
What you’ll need: a set of fangs that fit on your teeth. These are sold at costume and Halloween shops.
Optional: Dark lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow to create a gothic look; white makeup to make your face look pale; fake blood to make it look like blood is dripping from your mouth.
What you actually wear for this costume is open for discussion, but from what we’ve seen on television and in movies lately is just needs to be something sexy.

9. Go with something pre-packaged. If you don’t mind spending around $40 you can probably walk into any costume store, point to one of the pre-packed costumes like a pirate, French maid, etc. and go with that. Some of the costumes might require that you purchase a few additional accessories that are sure to be sold in the same store, but this costume idea requires no effort or planning as long as you don’t mind settling for whatever is in stock.

10. Rent. If you want something elaborate but don’t have the time to put anything together, and you don’t mind spending around $100 then we recommend that you rent a costume. William’s Costume Shop has 25,000 square feet of costumes to rent. If you want to dress up as an Arabian princess, mermaid or knight in shining armor this costume shop has something for you.

Where to Look
Now that you have an idea here are some costume, second-hand and souvenir shops that are not too far from the Strip where you can find what you need for your costume. Aside from what’s listed below, be on the lookout for stores like Halloween Express and Halloween Spirit. These temporary costume and party supply shops sprout up throughout the city every year around Halloween. They might also have what you are looking for.

Buffalo Exchange
411 S. Maryland Parkway
(702) 791-3960
This consignment store always has a varied assortment of clothing in stock. If you’re looking for something wacky or unique this is the place to go.

William’s Costume Shop
1226 S. 3rd Street
(702) 384-1384
Open since 1954 this costume shop has 25,000 square feet of costumes for rent. They literally have something for every occasion. Aside from what can be rented the shop also sells some pre-packaged costumes and various accessories.

Halloween Mart
6230 S. Decatur Boulevard, Suite 101
(702) 740-4224
Toll Free 1 (800) 811-4877
This Halloween and costume shop is open year-round and always has Halloween accessories and an assortment of costumes in stock including wigs, makeup, shoes and other props.

Star Costume & Theater Supply
3230 S. Valley View, Suite 120
(702) 731-5014
This costume store is also open year-round and carries a wide range of costumes and accessories. They also have some higher-end makeup and other costume elements that can be used for theatrical productions.

Party City
4020 S. Maryland Parkway
(702) 893-4600
This party supply store has decorations for every occasion, but around Halloween they also keep an assortment of costumes and accessories in stock.

Bonanza Gift Shop
2440 Las Vegas Boulevard
(702) 385-7359
With “world’s largest giftshop'” as the tagline Bonanza Gift Shop basically every kind of Vegas souvenir imaginable.


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  1. Angie at 4:50 pm

    I got my boyfriend one of the TorsoTees from Zazzle for his “The Situation” costume. (Arrived in 3 days!) He loves it but has now decided he’ll either use it to go as a male stripper or a…get this…a nudist!