Las Vegas’ holiday spa treatments bring cheer and relaxation

‘Tis the season for winter treatments: If your skin gets parched like mine during these brisk months, a moisturizing spa service is the best. And if you’re a fan of all the warm scents of the holidays, then you’re really in for a sweet surprise.

With all of the upcoming festivities (and hustle-and-bustle that comes with it!), I’m more than ready to pamper myself with something worthwhile and beneficial.

“Taking advantage of a spa treatment not only alleviates some of the tension, but gives you a chance to treat yourself,” said Laura Horvath, spa director for Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian and The Palazzo.

If you’re also stumped on gifts or want to get some early Christmas shopping out of the way, a treatment is one gift that everyone is sure to love. Who doesn’t want a relaxing, aromatic massage along with soft, supple skin?

“Spa treatments are a wonderful idea for the holiday season as everybody needs to enjoy a little time out for themselves during the madness of the holidays,” said Jane Cox, spa manager at Spa Mandalay and Bathhouse at THE Hotel. “Everyone needs a little holiday warmth during this time of year so they can be fully recharged and enjoy the season, stress-free.”

With so many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a favorite or two! And since I’m such a huge fan of pumpkin, I’m sure ready to smell like one.

The Spa at Aria

Warm Spicy Chestnut Manicure and/or Pedicure

Spice up your hands for the fall with this candied chestnut treatment. The 50-minute service starts with a warm sugar exfoliation scrub, followed by a rejuvenating  spiced clay masque. Relax with a moisturizing spiced chestnut moisture cream massage. This treatment comes complete with a complimentary paraffin dip ($85 for a manicure, $125 for a pedicure). This treatment is available now through Jan. 1.

Vitaboost Facial

Transform your skin with a unique blend of vitamins, a light chemical peel and firming vitamin serum to bring dramatically visible results to all skin types and most conditions.  As an added bonus, this facial comes with a complimentary collagen eye treatment. The 50-minute facial is $185 (80 minutes, $285). This service is available through the month of November.

Fall/Winter Essential Stone

Experience the seasonal scent-sations of clove, cinnamon and wild orange essential oils as they comfort and soothe your muscles while boosting your immune system. The most luxurious experience is enhanced with a complimentary Moroccanoil hair mask. Therapists massage with warm stones and apply a combination of seasonal essential oils to create a one-of-a-kind, experience. Pressure can vary to your preference. Enhancement includes Moroccanoil’s hair mask specifically made to promote healthy hair. The 80-minute service is $290 and is available now through Jan. 1.

Spa & Salon Vdara

Purifying Pumpkin Spice

If you have combination or oily skin like me, then this service is for you.  Pumpkin enzyme is great for those looking to address these skin types, removing the impurities that show up on your face. Finish with a rebalancing and calming cinnamon spice mask to look and feel rejuvenated. This treatment is available for 50 minutes ($140) or 80 minutes ($190) now through Dec. 31.

Spiced Pear Fig Refining Facial

The hydrating and polishing pear enzyme is great for those with dry or irritated skin with a dull or red complexion. Once your skin is hydrated, finish with a rebalancing and calming cinnamon spice mask for a refined and clear look. The 50-minute service is $140 (80 minutes, $190) and runs now through Dec. 31.

Pumpkin Spice Purifying Manicure & Pedicure

Improve the look and feel of your skin with a red-hot sparkling body oil and organic pumpkin mud mask, which helps to exfoliate and remove impurities. Finish the service with a hydrating milk massage, which leaves your skin nourished. (50-minute manicure, $75; 75-minute pedicure, $95 or mani-pedi, $150). This treatment is offered now through Dec. 31.

Bamboo Massage

This is one massage you won’t see too often: Your therapist uses warm smooth bamboo rods in a full body massage, which manipulates the muscles and fibers with a firm pressure. Surrender to a heightened level of deep relaxation and overall sense of comfort. The 80-minute service is $210 and is available now through Dec. 31.

Spa Mandalay and Bathhouse

Mint Delight Scrub

The invigorating scent of peppermint accentuates this luxurious full body gentle exfoliation. Enriched in vitamins A and E, this tempting treat is designed to stimulate circulation and reveal soft healthy skin. The 25-minute service is $75 and available through the month of December.

Candied Chestnut Massage

Treat yourself to a full-body custom pressure massage that uses the holiday scent of candied chestnut. This massage increases circulation, soothes tired muscles and creates an overall sense of relaxation. The 50-minute service is $135 and is offered through the month of December.

Winter Spice Facial

Indulge yourself with this seasonal spice facial that revitalizes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. You’ll leave with a glow just in time for the holidays. The 50-minute service is $135 and is available through the month of December.

Winter Refresh Pedicure

Enjoy the classic elements of a pedicure paired with the invigorating winter scent of peppermint. This pedicure features a peppermint foot scrub followed by a hydrating whipped body cream rich in vitamin A and E. These vitamins rebuild collagen and repair damaged skin. The 50-minute pedicure is $90 and is available during the month of December.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian and The Palazzo launches its lineup of special winter services perfect for rehydrating parched skin or protecting skin during the cold winter months. Winter services are available November 18, 2012 through January 6, 2013.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub  at The Venetian and The Palazzo

Winter Solstice Massage

Give the skin a break from the cold, dry environment. A soothing blend of rich and healing oils nourishes and moisturizes parched winter skin, leaving it supple and smooth from head to toe. Service is 50 minutes and is $160 for Tuesday through Thursday appointments and $170 for Friday through Monday appointments.

Seasonal Rasul For Two

Chocolate and couple time: It doesn’t get any better than this. The treatment begins with a chocolaty mud mask and concludes with a warm chocolate body moisturizer. The spa’s warm and steamy Rasul chamber is the perfect holiday treatment for two. Service is 50 minutes and is $200 for Tuesday through Thursday appointments and $210 for Friday through Monday appointments.

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Pedicure

This special holiday “sundae for the feet” begins with a moisturizing footbath of Choco-holic Me! Bath ball. Next, your feet are cleansed and exfoliated with an enchanting scoop of chocolate shower sherbet scrub, followed by a delightful marshmallow foot mask. Finally, after a generous dollop of moisturizing Choco-holic Body Icing, pick a polish color of your choice. Ice cream pedicures are $95 for Monday through Friday appointments and $100 for Saturday and Sunday appointments. Flavors may change without notice.

Holiday Radiance Facial

This revitalizing facial includes vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that nourish and exfoliate skin, leaving it smooth and clear. The  luscious apple papaya soufflé mask tones and firms the skin. After one treatment, the skin is smoother and lusciously hydrated. Service is 50 minutes and is $165 for Tuesday through Thursday appointments and $175 for Friday through Monday appointments.

Sweet Winter Cocoon

Sweet figs, refreshing apricots, hints of green tea, fresh flora and delicate jojoba and walnut powder combine to create this decedent Sweet Winter Cocoon. The skin receives a much-needed exfoliation, followed by a fig and apricot mask. Next, sink into a warm and welcoming cocoon. Service is 50 minutes and is $175 for Tuesday through Thursday appointments and $185 for Friday through Monday appointments.

Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace

Sweet Cinnamon Sanctuary for Two

A sweet cinnamon scent fills the room as your feet are wrapped in a warm, rich blend of hydrating oils. Melt into a state of tranquility that begins with a warm coconut scalp massage followed by a delicious sweet cream sea salt exfoliation. Enjoy a private shower for two and a full body, side-by-side couples’ massage using agave nectar oil for. The 75-minute couple’s service is $450.

Holiday Sugar and Spice

The rejuvenating dual exfoliation incorporates whipped honey sea salt with spicy notes of clove and nutmeg and a blend of spicy organic pumpkin puree and nutrient-rich mud. A relaxing full body massage using moisture-retaining agave nectar oil leaves you feeling hydrated and revitalized. The 75-minute service is $210.

Buttered Rum Revival

The Buttered Rum Revival is a stimulatingly sweet full-body exfoliation using a special blend of brown sugar, premium-aged rum and rice bran oil with a hint of delicious butterscotch. The warm, soothing rain water of the Vichy showers melts away stress, while a nourishing application of caramel body milk combined with shea butter leaves the skin feeling silky-smooth and supple. The 50-minute service is $155.

Winter Wonderland

Get ready for a hydrating winter experience: Accented with hints of vanilla and cinnamon, the golden caramel body milk loofah exfoliation softens the skin. The service is followed by a relaxing massage with moisture-retaining agave nectar oil. A warm honey glaze soothes tired feet, while a scalp massage to heightens your level of relaxation. Finish with a moisturizing application of honeysuckle orange custard cream. The 75-minute service is $210.

Lifting & Firming Pumpkin Mud Facial

This 50-minute facial is packed with enzymes and an aroma inspired by the holidays. The treatment is designed to deep cleanse the pores and prepare the skin for hydration and protection. Rich in vitamins and moisture-binding ingredients, the lifting and firming facial is the perfect gift for the skin ($180).

Qua “Holiday Toddy” Mystic Journey 

Inspired by the holidays, the 75-minute Qua “Holiday Toddy” Mystic Journey is an astonishing body-facial ritual. Enjoy an agave nectar oil application along your spine, followed by a bubbler body scrub with brown sugar and bourbon. Right before your body towel wrap, your therapist applies a moisturizing dollop of peppery caramel body milk lotion to your skin. The treatment also includes a restorative facial that helps repair cell damage, along a relaxing scalp treatment ($300).

From now through December, the following upgrades may be added to any facial treatment for $25 each:

  • Hand honey oat yogurt mask: Your therapist applies a velvety whip of honey and oat-infused yogurt and soothing white clay on your hands, followed by a warm towel wrap. Your hands will have a hydrated radiant glow.
  • Foot honey heel glaze mask: Treat feet and toes with a hot honey wrap fragranced with velvety cinnamon, sweet cloves and real honey. You’ll walk out with moisturized and refreshed feet.
  • Agave nectar scalp mask: Agave nectar oil improves hydration of both the scalp and hair. Infused with agave plant extracts, sandalwood, barley and amurense bark, this hair mask leaves your scalp and hair silky soft.

Reliquary Spa at Hard Rock hotel

Gingerbread Joy

Ginger and spice and everything nice! The service features a full body exfoliation, followed by a Vichy shower rinse and a “frosting” of gingerbread body butter. You might just be tempted to take a bite! ($135).

Candy Cane Crush

Wake up and smell the candy canes: This invigorating candy cane-infused sugar body polish is followed by a gentle rinse and topped off with delicious vanilla body butter ($135).

The Spa at Four Seasons

Citrus Drench

This service tones and hydrates the skin and provides extraordinary firmness and elasticity. Fortified with vitamin C, this rich and firming product provides a luxurious experience for the face and body — perfect for moisture-starved skin (80 minutes, $250).

Spa Costa del Sur at South Point

Sugar and Spice Beauty Special

Sugar and spice, and everything nice: To ring in the winter season, the spa celebrates December with the holiday theme of Sugar and Spice, available in a body treatment, massage, facial manicure and pedicure.

Spa guests can indulge in a warm soak in a buttery milk bath. Next, enjoy a creamy whipped Shea sugar scrub micro-polish, prepping your skin for a spicy organic pumpkin mud mask. Feel the tingle as the pumpkin enzymes and 12-mineral nutrients go to work, revealing radiant skin. Relax into massage heaven with a white velvet butter cream scented Shea butter rubdown. A spicy sweet retreat.


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