Las Vegas company Bottles & Wood puts a stylish spin to unusual recycled items

Who would have ever thought you can actually wear alcohol and make a bold fashion statement at the same time?

We don’t mean spritzing vodka on yourself or splashing red wine on your fitted white dress. But did you ever think you can wear Grey Goose bangle bracelets or Amber wine earrings, both made from old bottles? While everyone is sipping on their cocktails, you just took it up a notch.

Or, imagine all the attention you’ll get when you host dinner parties. It’s not every day people see a Jack Daniel’s lamp or a set of Corona tumblers!

You’ve all heard the expression: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Las Vegas-based company Bottles & Wood creates “treasures” with its distinctive line of repurposed bottles and wood from recycled materials. These include glass bottles, windows, wine barrels and more. Owned by Steve Cherry and Tricia Ossa, Bottles & Wood creates everything from jewelry and candle holders to glassware and wood items. Not only is this a creative concept, but the company makes a positive impact on the environment by using products with no carbon footprint.

Aside from working with eco-friendly hotels on the Strip, Bottles & Wood attends events like Downtown’s First Friday to collect glass bottles for repurposing. In addition, the company is working with Brio Tuscan Grille for a 1,000 bottle-project by turning them all into snazzy products. How cool is that?

A few examples include:

  • Jewelry: Grey Goose bangle bracelets, Coke bottle necklaces  and Amber wine earrings
  • Glass serving ware: Trays, Grey Goose nut dishes, glass plates
  • Wood serving ware: Cutting boards and serving trays, ranging in styles and sizes
  • Lights and candles: Includes unique designs such as a Jack Daniel’s Lamp, Bombay Gin light fixtures and unscented candle sets
  • Containers: Line includes Red Stripe spice jar, Patron bowl and a wine bottle vase

For a complete list of all items, as well as information on placing orders, visit here.

(All photos courtesy of Bottles & Wood.)


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