It’s a beautiful day to play hooky at Palms Pool in Vegas!

Generally speaking, Las Vegas has two types of pool scenes. There’s the refined, luxurious setting that serves as a relaxing retreat from daily life, and then there’s the massive, all-out-chaos, spring break-style event. Somehow Palms Pool manages to be both.

Daybeds and lilypads at Palms Pool

In-water daybeds and lilypads dot the aquatic playground at Palms Pool

Any day spent at this stunning two-acre outdoor complex with the gleaming Palms and Palms Place towers soaring above will be like no other. The watery oasis features three pools: a traditional pool with an islet that holds four daybeds, a wading pool with a shelf so lounge chairs and “lilypads” (i.e., circular daybeds) can be placed in the water, and a small glass-bottomed pool situated on an elevated deck overlooking everything. Plus, there’s a huge hot tub, a 12-foot waterfall and gaming tables.

Along the perimeter are 27 extravagantly outfitted cabanas. Each one comes with a flat-screen TV, a ceiling fan, a small refrigerator and a safe. Three incredible two-story bungalows – complete with their own patios, balconies and sleeping quarters – provide an ultra-exclusive VIP experience.

Palms Pool also has three bars. Among them, the central Glass Bar is easily the hub of activity. As their names suggest, the Entry Bar is located just inside the entrance, and the Waterfall Bar is tucked behind a curtain of cascading water. Several specialty drinks are available for your sipping pleasure. Don’t miss the refreshing Cîroc Coconut. Made with Cîroc Coconut vodka, fresh coconut water, Calahua and crema de coco, it’s served in a coconut shell. Another popular choice is the Sexy Alligator, a fruit concoction of Malibu Coconut rum, Midori Melon liqueur, pineapple juice and a Jägermister float.

B.o.B. at Palms Pool

Hip-hop artist B.o.B. appeared at a recent Ditch Fridays event (photo by Joe Fury)

New to Palms Pool this season is Heraea. The recently opened, female-friendly steakhouse has a patio looking out onto all the action. Order from a selection of chic choices (such as piquillo pepper poppers, hand-breaded chicken fingers and beef satay skewers) poolside, or go over and dine at a table to enjoy Heraea’s full gourmet menu.

If you visit Palms Pool on Sundays through Thursdays, you’ll find all of these things along with a very comfortable, easygoing vibe. I went on a Thursday and everywhere I looked people with hot bodies, all buffed and bronzed, were chatting and drinking. Some were dancing, just languidly shaking their booties, while others were simply soaking up rays. It’s busy but not overly crowded, and the music is loud but not overpowering.

So what about Fridays and Saturdays?

You probably haven’t heard the phrase “ditch day” since high school. And back then, were you cool enough to be part of the crowd that cut class? Did you join in with fellow students-cum-carousers and hang loose at a lake or some other body of water?

Daybeds and umbrellas line the perimeter of Palms Pool

Chic red daybeds and umbrellas are scattered throughout the deck

Thanks to Palms Pool, you have the chance to relive those irresponsible days of yore. Escape reality for a while at Ditch Weekends, which are among the most revered daylife gatherings held in Sin City.

Think of them like this: You’re older now and working long hours each week, so playing hooky must sound more appealing than ever. Who wants to be indoors typing away on a computer during a sunny day in Vegas? Not the nearly 3,000 people who make their excuses each week and head off for Ditch Fridays and Ditch Saturdays, which run from noon until 7 p.m.

For the 2013 season of Ditch Weekends, Palms Pool has booked top-name DJs to spin the beats and A-list hip-hop artists to perform high-energy sets. On June 21, DJ Jazzy Jeff is slated to appear, and he’ll do double duty by carrying his signature beats from the pool into Moon Nightclub…so you can continue your revelry until the wee hours. Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas is celebrating his birthday by taking over the turntables on July 6. Also scheduled for sizzling summer performances are rapper Wale (July 12), R&B singer Kelis (July 19) and songstress Ciara (Aug. 2).

Ditch Fridays at Palms Pool

A wide angle view of Ditch Fridays at Palms Pool (photo by Joe Fury)

If you don’t get sprayed by a water gun or lost in the groove of hip-hop, mash-ups and house music, you may find yourself engrossed in some sexy special event. For example, Joanna Krupa, a star of “The Real Housewives of Miami” TV series, launched her new swimwear line at a Ditch Saturdays party not too long ago. What could be better than seeing gobs of gorgeous women with golden tans modeling skimpy bikinis?

Floatopia is another beloved social event where guests bearing rafts, inner tubes or other floatation devices – like arm floaties – can enter Palms Pool for free. Held last Saturday, you can expect another edition of Floatopia to make a splash later this summer.

With good music, lots of hot bodies, stylish surroundings, the sweltering sun and sparkling pools to cool off in, there really isn’t a better place to spend an afternoon in Vegas. So forget your responsibilities and leave reality behind. No matter when you go, Palms Pool will chase all your cares away and leave you feeling happy.


I’m a Las Vegas native. By profession, I write at Mostly about the city’s hotels, but on other topics – gaming and transportation – too. I really love staying at hotels. And the ones here are among the biggest and best in the world. Some key things I’ve learned: Resort fees are inescapable (frustrating but true), a friendly attitude at the front desk may score you a great view and over-the-top room amenities – bath butlers, Japanese tea service, menus with “intimate” items – do exist. What else should you know about me? Well, I’m comfortable at a blackjack table. And I like eating late-night pancakes in hotel coffee shops. A lot. Follow Renee on Google+.