How to Behave in a Vegas Casino (and Live to Tell About It)

If you are new to gambling, let me tell you, there’s more to it than knowing the games’ rules. There are several unstated rules that if you know beforehand, will save you from embarrasing moments (and an ugly look or two).

1. If you are not going to place a bet but want to watch what’s going on, DO NOT sit at the table! Seats are reserved for players (at the blackjack table, some players play more than one hand, so an empty seat next to them doesn’t mean it’s open. Check first.

2. When you’re ready to play, don’t hand over your cash to the dealer; put it on the table.

3. If you are only watching a game, DON’T expect a free drink–those are
only for players. You’ll have to pay full price.

4. If you do play and want to take photos of, say, your winning bets, DON’T DO IT. Most¬†casinos prohibit taking photos on the casino floor (you can do it at, say, the fountain by the lobby).

5. Be careful NOT TO enter the pit area (it’s the area encircled by tables where the
serious-looking floor supervisors pace back and forth). Sometimes this area is marked off by velvet ropes; sometimes it isn’t.

6. If you are at a roulette table, DON’T rest your arm or hand on the plastic shield around the roulette wheel.

7. Don’t bring your kids along to the casino¬†if you want to gamble. You must be 21 to be inside a casino.

8. Last but not least, DON’T forget to tip the dealer, particularly when you win a big hand.