Get some face time in The Spa at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

I’ll jump at any opportunity to have my pores unclogged and my dull skin energized. And I’ll give props to anyone who can help diminish that darn line making its way across my forehead.

So I was more than eager to visit The Spa at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, where they’ve just debuted a new treatment menu. It features facials and body therapies from the cutting-edge Natura Bissé and all-natural Red Flower skin care lines.

Soothe your fatigued skin with a facial from the new menu in The Spa at Trump. Photo courtesy Trump Interanional Hotel Las Vegas.

Getting a facial in The Spa at Trump will soothe your skin…and your soul.

The Spa at Trump also provides a much-needed escape from the nonstop excitement and energy of the Las Vegas Strip. A sanctuary of heavenly bliss, it has steam rooms, saunas and a tranquil relaxation room. You’ll also love the mood lighting, soft music and table fitted with fine linens (making it snuggly like a bed) in each of the nine luxurious treatment rooms.

After slipping into a posh Trump-monogrammed robe, I took a quick glance through the menu. Words like purify, detoxify, soften and soothe will catch your eyes. My thoughts? Yes, please…to all of those.

You'll discover a little bit of heaven in the treatment rooms at The Spa at Trump.

The treatment rooms in The Spa at Trump are heaven sent (and scent).

I decided on the Las Vegas Oxygenating Facial, one of the treatments created exclusively for The Spa at Trump. It seems fitting for Sin City because it relieves problems from exposure to toxins and pollutants, such as cigarette smoke in the casinos, bars and clubs.

Inna, an aesthetician at The Spa at Trump, told me this facial is great for improving skin tone and texture. She also correctly guessed that I don’t eat properly or drink enough water (ah, but I have good intentions). Hence, the Las Vegas Oxygenating Facial should bring my lackluster skin back to life.

After a deep cleansing, Inna massaged a mix of Natura Bissé’s products on my face that included a glycolic acid, a carbonated powder and a botanical activator. Everything felt tingly as it combined, and the interaction stimulated the release of oxygen (since I struggled through high school chemistry, I can’t begin to explain this).

And it wouldn’t be my last exposure to the nifty O2 molecule. Next, Inna applied an oxygen serum, an oxygen cream and – coolest of all – an oxygen mask that made me look like a mummy. Seriously, she mixed a soft, thick paste and spread it across my neck and face (over my eyes and mouth, but not on my nose). While a little strange, the experience was unbelievably relaxing, and after several minutes the whole thing peeled right off. I should’ve had her save it for me to reuse in a Halloween costume.

The Oxygen Collection by Natura Bissé

The Oxygen Collection by Natura Bissé makes good use of the most essential of elements.

The new menu in The Spa at Trump aims to do more than merely pamper you…although you’ll get plenty of that too. Consider some of the other unique treatments there. The Las Vegas Night Jasmine Ritual provides exfoliation and stimulates circulation by way of a jasmine-scented full-body massage. The Chicago Detoxifying and Hydrating Facial employs thermoactive enzymatic detoxification (we bet you can’t say that quickly) to purify your pores. And then there’s the Hawaiian Whitening and Brightening Facial, the NYC SoHo Alternative to Injectables Facial, the Citrus Drench, the Balancing Energy Ritual…and the list goes on.

I know the Las Vegas Oxygenating Facial refreshed me both inside and out. I felt every pore open up while being cleansed, plumped and rejuvenated. And the best part? Well, my skin was blotch-free and glowing (possibly even dewy like the models in magazines).

No matter what treatment you opt for, you’ll emerge from The Spa at Trump relaxed – in body, mind and spirit – and looking like a million bucks (it is Donald Trump’s place, after all).


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