Get dolled up and glamorous in Vegas this holiday season

I love the holiday season. There’s just something about all the sweet, pumpkin-inspired treats, hot chocolate, Christmas music and festive decorations that warm my heart. This is also the time of year when it’s fun dressing up and looking glamorous from head-to-toe.

Clean, simple eye makeup is popular this season.

While holiday parties, get-togethers and events are a blast, sometimes it can be stressful getting ready. We all want to look our best, but many of us don’t have the time, patience or skills to truly deliver that wow factor.

With all the soirees and the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration, there’s no better time for a holiday makeover. Not only will you have stylists helping you achieve your dream look, you can rest easy and worry about other things, like where you’ll show off your hot new look.

Vegas salon experts Raynelle LaMonica, hair stylist specializing in extensions at Kim Vō Salon; Osnat Binyamin, co-owner of Dollheads at Miracle Mile Shops; and Darcy Neilson, salon manager at Cristophe Salon, share tips for achieving your fabulous makeover.

It’s great to get fancy any time of the year, especially in a city like Las Vegas, but the absolute best part of December is having a million reasons to dress up,” said Binyamin. “You never know who you’ll run into.”

“It gives us all the excuse to take our style to the next level. By choosing the colors, patterns and materials and makeup to wear, guests are ready for those picture-perfect opportunities,” said Neilson.

Find a stylish ‘do that suits you

There are so many hairstyles to choose from when you’re at a high-end salon. Do you want a sophisticated up-do? Or would you rather have your locks fall past your shoulders? How do you narrow down your options?

Old Hollywood glamour hairstyles are a great way to ring in the New Year in style.

“Make sure to tell your hairstylist what you’ll be wearing,” Neilson said. “It will help decide your hairstyle. The key this holiday season is hair accessories – whether they are jewels, flowers, velvet ribbons or gold shimmer ponytail holders – they all add that modern approach to any of those classic styles.”

Extensions are also a popular option: “Plum colors are really popular right now,” said LaMonica. “The trend is going into deeper colors like royal blue, deep plum for fun hair extensions.”

Since I’m pretty savvy with the straightening iron (and not too shabby with curling), I would take advantage of an up-do.

“Top knots are really popular right now – simple, elegant and easy,” said LaMonica.

“This holiday season, there are plenty of trends to choose from,” said Neilson. “There is the low-tying-the-knot ponytail, brushed-out waves, old Hollywood ribbon curls and the deep-side part sleek ponytails.”

“Our No. 1 requested look is big and sexy hair, full of volume and curls,” Binyamin said. “This is easy to achieve with extensions. Our other popular request is a high bun, tight and clean to show off your features. It is the new look on the red carpets.”

If you want to keep sporting a bun after the big party, Dollheads carries fake ones for $15.

Makeup fit for a queen


I don’t know about you, but in my teen years, I spent hours thumbing through magazines like “YM” and “Seventeen.” I always had fun looking at the makeup section and experimenting with styles on my own. These days, I’d say it’s more fun to sit back and relax while the stylist dolls you up with the latest looks.

Satin red lips make a statement this holiday season.

“A hot holiday look this winter is a soft clean eye with a set of luscious eyelashes,” said Binyamin. “Add a shimmer highlight on the top of the cheek bones with a red lip to finish off the look. If you want to try something new, lipstick trends this season also suggest bright colors such as orange, pink and plum, which can be just as festive as classic red.”

I may soon invest in my own tube of  red lip color. It’s a fun, bold look while still classy at the same time.

“Right now, it’s all about the satin red lips, deep plum lips with a classic clean eye – eyeliner with very soft, light colors,” said LaMonica.

“A look we all wait for every holiday season is one that says, ‘I’m mistletoe ready,’ with red crimson lips,” Neilson added. “It’s a great way to accentuate a more natural-based face and eye makeup, while still making a grand statement. To add that holiday touch and brighten it up, brush a little sparkle and shimmer eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.”

Speaking of shimmer, glitter is another popular look this season: “We’re doing a lot of ombré glitter nails where the tips are glitter and fades into nail polish,” said LaMonica.

She also suggested the ombré glitter lip, where it’s glitter in the middle and fades to the lip color, just to give it a little sparkle.

“Glitzy glitter makeup and hair have been trending this year,” said Binyamin. “We offer shimmer tinsel extensions and our makeup artists are wonderful at creating a glitter eye by adding just a few light-catching gems for either a fancy dinner or night out. It’s a nice touch to bling up your eyes.”

Located inside Miracle Mile Shops, Dollheads is one of the many salons on the Strip offering hot looks for your next big party.

Quick holiday makeover tips:

  • Bring in a picture of a desired look that you want. Many people bring photos of celebrities. Also, having an idea of what you’re wearing for the evening can also help your stylist achieve the best look.
  • If you’re still rocking your summer ombré (natural hair color on the top, lighter color on the bottom), a deep red ombré instead of blonde is a popular look this season.
  • For those with dark hair, deep purple highlights are a head turner this winter.
  • Big, sexy curls are always in style.
  • Play with nail colors like deep plum, emerald green or deep turquoise.

For a list of other salons and spas in town, click here.


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