From queen to zombie, create your Halloween look at a Las Vegas salon

With its wicked parties, horrifying haunts and terrifying tricks or treats, Las Vegas is practically Halloween headquarters. But you don’t want to get caught at a Vegas masquerade ball or ghostly gathering without a killer costume.

The Queen of Hearts (photo by Ryan Shewchuk)

Whether you remembered to pack a costume or not, have no fear! Not only can an expert hair and makeup job from the professionals at a Las Vegas salon help complete your look, in some cases, it’s all the costume you need.

Tucked quietly away at the back of MGM Grand overlooking the pool, Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills gets tons of Halloween requests. This intimate and modern salon works with customers to make their Halloween dreams … or nightmares … come true.

One of the most popular requests for Halloween, says General Manager Darcy Nielson, is zombie makeup. It’s an easy way to go since you can pretty much wear anything to simulate the undead. A touch of green, a touch of red and poof: Zombie tourist!

A little ways down on the Las Vegas Strip, COLOR – A Salon by Michael Boychuck at Caesars Palace is offering a Spooktacular Beauty Package for $185. The package  features custom-designed makeup and lash application, hair styling and nail service. For a complete list of Las Vegas salons, click here.

This Halloween, I’m dressing up as the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland.” With the help of Cristophe Salon makeup artist Brenda Oregel and stylist Erick Campbell, I recently had the opportunity to transform from intrepid journalist to cold-hearted villainess.

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 Photos by Ryan Shewchuk