Fright Dome brings ‘Halloween’ to Vegas

By Caroline Fontein

For anyone who loves Halloween and haunted houses, Fright Dome at Circus Circus is a must-see attraction. Fright Dome takes place in what’s normally the Adventuredome theme park. Come October, Fright Dome creator Jason Egan and his team of artists, designers and engineers transform the park into a spooky spectacular with five haunted houses, three scare zones, 25 different rides and attractions, live macabre entertainment and a few other scary surprises. Fright Dome is open from 7 p.m. to midnight on select days Oct. 1 – 31.michaelmyershouse

This year Fright Dome partnered with Compass International Films to theme two of their haunted houses after the legendary horror film, “Halloween.” One of the houses is modeled after the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. It starts with guests “checking in” at the Emergency Room. Soon things take a terrifying turn for the worst, leaving guests roaming the halls of the psychiatric ward where Michael Meyers is being held. The second “Halloween” themed haunted house takes guests on a tour of Meyers’ home. Enter at your own risk. Only time will tell if this is the night that Michael comes home.

Since the spine-tingling attraction opened in 2003, Fright Dome has continued to lure in more than 60,000 thrill seekers each year. It’s also been voted one of the Top 5 scariest haunted attractions in the nation by Travel Channel. Encompassing five acres of fog-filled, cobweb-covered and blood-spattered attractions, Fright Dome is much more than your average haunted house. Egan and his team work year-round to create all of the props and special effects in Fright Dome. Everything in the park is unique and created from scratch at Egan’s scare warehouse also located in Vegas.

Fright Dome

  • Time: 7 p.m. – midnight select days
  • Date: Oct. 1 – 31
  • Where: Circus Circus
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Along with all the creepy props and spooky scenes, Fright Dome is filled with costume-clad scare actors that really make the undead come to life. There are about 175 scare actors working each night in the haunted houses and scare zones, where they lurk in dark corners, waiting to terrorize their next victim.

“A good friend of mine always told me, your haunted house is as good as your worst actor. So actors are super, super important. We can create the best sets in the world, but if we don’t have good actors we’ve got nothing,” said Egan during a tour of one of the new “Halloween” themed houses.

He holds an extensive audition process to find people that are just as unique as all of the other terrifying elements that make up Fright Dome. It’s not every day that you run into a pair of six-foot-eight identical twins weighing only about 130 pounds each. Clad in freakish attire and wielding chainsaws, their skeleton-like appearance takes scaring people to new heights. They can be found in the corner of carnage scare zone –┬ánot that we recommend looking for them.

“As long as people keep coming to us every year, we’ll keep giving them more and more of something to scream about,” said Egan.