Flashback Friday: Spit and a shine

Vegas Vicki gets her boots shined by Rodney Patrick of Ad-Art Sign Company in November, 1980. At the time this photo was taken the casino Vicki adorned, Glitter Gulch, was owned by Bob Stupak. Stupak is perhaps best known for building the Stratosphere Hotel Casino which opened in 1996. Vegas Vicki is also known as Sassy Sally, but that has more to do with her location (adjacent to Sassy Sally’s casino).

Flashback Fridays features a historic Las Vegas picture every Friday.

Vegas Vicki


I'm one of a rare breed of folks, a native Las Vegan. That's Las Vegan, not Vegan. Being born in Las Vegas has endowed me with crazy Vegas skills - must be all the exposure to neon. I'm a human casino GPS, celebrity locator (You never know who you'll meet in a casino elevator, right Richard Branson?) and tip calculator. My mom taught me probability and statistics with decommissioned casino dice. When I walk through a hotel, tourists think I work there. Maybe it's my smile, my purposeful walk or my friendly answers. Maybe it's just the black suit. But whatever the reason, Vegas.com gives me the chance to exercise my Vegas super powers every day. Now if I could just predict when Megabucks would hit... You can find me on Google+ and Twitter.