Flashback Friday: Dress Code at the Pool

It’s become quite common to hear long-time Vegas residents utter the phrase “Back when…” — “Back when the mob ran Vegas,” “Back when there were real entertainers like Sinatra,” “Back when Vegas cared about its customer,” “Back when…”

As a native Las Vegan, I have to admit, I’ve uttered the phrase myself. Indulging in nostalgia and the belief that things were somehow better in the past is part of the human condition.

Flashback Friday Royal Nevada

Royal Nevada 1955

Today’s Flashback Friday photo celebrates the phrases “Back when Vegas casino’s had a dress code” and “Back when Vegas was more glamorous. ” In homage to when men and women wore eveningwear just to gamble, we bring you the pool at the Royal Nevada, circa 1955.

The swimsuits may not be that impressive, but check out the uniforms for the dealers and pit bosses: dress shirts, ties, suit jackets, black socks, dress shoes and — shorts.

I can’t wait to see “Mad Men” set an episode in Las Vegas.

Not familiar with the Royal Nevada Hotel Casino? That’s no surprise. The hotel and casino had a very short lifespan. It opened in April, 1955, and closed in 1956 to be replaced by the Stardust’s convention area in 1958.


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