Fashion Show Mall adds Microsoft Store in Las Vegas

Tech geeks, listen up. There is yet another reason to come to Vegas. The Fashion Show Mall will welcome Las Vegas’ first full-service Microsoft Store on Thursday, Nov. 14. The first 100 people in line when the store opens tomorrow at noon will receive a ticket to see Pitbull live in concert at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The Microsoft Store sells a ton of fun accessories.

The shiny new store is colorfully curated with hands-on displays of Microsoft products including the Surface, X-Box One and the Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone with 41 megapixel camera.

In addition to technology, The Microsoft store also sells tons of of fun accessories, from Windows Phone covers to headphones. Detachable typing pads and touch-type pads are available for the Surface in multiple bright colors — I’m personally a fan of the pink one, though the purple and teal are nice too.

Located on the lower level between Macy’s Men Store and Forever 21, The Microsoft Store is the perfect spot for tourists and locals to shop for Microsoft products, as well as a convenient way to have them repaired.

You can sit down with your Starbucks or Jamba Juice and enjoy the store’s free wi-fi — or get up on your feet and do some circuit training with X-Box Kinect technology.

Come on, you know you want to play with it.

During a pre-opening sneak peek for a group of bloggers, I had an opportunity to peruse the store and learn about some of the products’ coolest features from the store’s friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Windows Phones, for instance, come equipped with a Kids Corner, which allows parents to customize their child’s experience by giving them their own personal space on the phone with specific games, apps, music and videos. Once the Kids Corner is launched, the child cannot access their parents’ desktop. That means there’s no worry that your little one might delete any of your apps, accidentally type some sort of nonsensical comment on a random YouTube video while signed in under your username or “like” your ex’s status on Facebook (true story).

The Surface comes with a stylus that mimics a pencil and eraser (and makes paper sad).

Microsoft products also feature seamless integration of Office apps and the ability to access a personal customized desktop on your Windows phone, Surface or in Windows 8.1, just by logging in with your Windows Live ID.

But my favorite feature by far is the stylus for the Quick Notes app on the Surface. You can actually write in the app with the stylus just like you would write on paper — it mimics an actual pencil and eraser. My old school  journalist notebooks should be very worried.

In addition to its  array of products, the store will serve as a community gathering spot, offering several educational and fun workshops for everyone from “techie tots” to “surfing seniors.” The store is also available for special events and parties .. and since this is Vegas after all, perhaps even a wedding.

P.S. If you happen to be a Mac lover, have no fear. Your beloved Apple Store at the Fashion Show Mall is undergoing a major expansion and will reopen at nearly three times its former size on Nov. 16.