Earning comps at Vegas’ casinos

One of the many fun things about the casinos in Vegas is getting comps.  Comps can be anything from free food to a free or upgraded room.  One thing to remember is that the comps you get depend on how much you play, not how much you lose. Don’t think of comps as just “consolation prizes” for losing money. You can get comped even if you win big.

Comps are awarded for both table games and slot machines. If you are into slots, first sign up for a free players card (each casino issues its own card). You will insert the card in each slot machine you play to keep automatic track of the points you are earning. Besides earning points for comps, your points will qualify you for giveaways casinos have that range from cash to new cars.

If you prefer table games, the floor or pit boss (the serious-looking man or woman dressed in a suit pacing back and forth behind the tables) keeps track of who the big bettors are. Ask him or her for a comp or how much you have to play to get the comp you want.