Dialing it in

mobile gamingPlacing bets when you’re actually sitting at the table is so 2009.

Now you can place a bet while sipping on some bubbly at a hotel bar or roaming through the race & sports book in search of that perfect Lagasse’s Stadium sandwich.

Available only at the Venetian and Palazzo, the Pocketcasino is a mobile gaming device that offers guests the opportunity to place bets while in a hotel restaurant, bar or other designated area.  Casino games offered on the device include blackjack, video poker and slots.

This technology allows guests who gamble to multi-task with great efficiency. You might want to play a little blackjack, but you need to attend a boring business lunch. I’m not suggesting you use the Pocketcasino to keep yourself entertained through your co-worker’s hour-long Powerpoint presentation–but if you’ve hit 19, then stay.