Celebrate Dad in a Vegas trip to remember

Ferrari F430 F1, courtesy of Exotics Racing.

With Father’s Day coming up, show dad you love him with these fun-filled ideas. With all the creative activities Las Vegas has in store for him, fishing trips, backyard barbecues and watching sports can wait.

Adventure Dad

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2, courtesy of Exotics Racing.

If you and your dad like to live in the fast lane, then why not show him a fun and daring time on a race car adventure? If you’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of an exotic sports car, Las Vegas is the place to do just that — without having to spend your life savings on purchasing one.

“Father’s Day is a celebration of all things masculine and what better than feeling the power and excitement of being behind the wheel of a true racing machine?” said Jodie Sacco, vice president of sales and marketing at Dream Racing.

If you’re a fan of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche, Aston Martin and Audi models and always dreamed of pushing the pedal to the metal on one of these bad boys,  Exotics Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers just that.

“What dad doesn’t love exotic cars? Dad [has] the chance to drive the car of his dreams on a race track — with no speed limits,” said Josh Martin, director of marketing for Exotics Racing.

Even if this is something you’ve never done before, you’ll feel at ease with one-on-one coaching time from a professional instructor. Even if you don’t drive a manual transmission, cars can be driven in automatic. Once you build up your confidence level, the real fun begins.

“You’ll get to see what these exotic cars can do and how much fun they are to drive in a safe environment,” he said. “One of my favorite cars in our fleet is the Audi R8 V10. Having a 525 HP V10 engine, the Audi R8 was exclusively designed by Audi’s high performance division and is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform.”

“Quite often people have told us how much they can’t wait to come back,” he continued. “Because our fleet of cars continues to grow and expand, someone who visited last year will have fun choosing something new to drive this year.”

Cruise through Red Rock Canyon in a supercar adventure to remember (photo courtesy of World Class Driving).

If you want to take these exotic supercars to the streets, then World Class Driving’s Supercar Tours is your best bet.

“Nothing compares with the thrill of piloting a world-class supercar,” said Aaron Fessler, CEO of World Class Driving. “Dad can experience from a selection of different supercars in a round-trip public road tour on some of the most stunning public roads outside Vegas.”

Offering Red Rock and Hoover Dam tours, World Class Driving is home to 20 stunning exotic cars, including the latest models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Jaguar and much more.

During your experience at Red Rock, you’ll get behind the wheel of three supercars while cruising on an open road through the breathtaking mountains. Or, opt for the Hoover Dam tour and test out four supercars, switching out at designated checkpoints.

“The magical Ferrari 458 Italia is our most popular exotic,” he said. “Its brilliant handling — thanks to cutting-edge dual-clutch gearbox — and crushing good looks make it the ideal supercar. After less than eight months in Vegas, we’ve already given thousands the experience of a lifetime.”

So whether you like to zoom at max speeds on a professional race track or cruise on a leisurely drive on the streets, Las Vegas offers both. If you’re here for the weekend, you might even be able to do both. Why not? You’re in Vegas.

Photo courtesy of Dream Racing.

If you really like living on the edge, Dream Racing offers a chance to drive the Ferrari 430 GT, an actual race car that is considered illegal to drive on the streets.

“Formally used in the Ferrari challenges globally, the response and power of the car is like nothing you will ever experience,” said Sacco. “The largest thrill is felt through the power-packed 1.1-mile race course that includes nine turns and a scream-induced straightaway.”

Dream Racing features six of these revving on the track, with a total of 12 in its fleet.

“The feedback has always been positive and consistent,” said Sacco. “They find amazement in the cars. We hear when guests step off the raceway they want to come back for more. No experience has cars with more muscle than the Ferrari 430 GT, the spotlight of the entire experience.”

This tour picks up and drops off from Crystals at CityCenter. The experience also includes a 3-D simulator session with professional instruction before fully suiting up and taking to the wheel of this racing machine. Even if you’re not planning to race, the tour includes transportation for an additional guest, as well as access to the Dream Racing lounge.

Spa Dad

If dad’s been working hard and nothing is more important for him than getting that much needed R&R time, surprise him with a luxurious day at the spa. While most would think this is the last place where a dad wants to go, more and more men are enjoying the gift of pampering.

“All dads should have a spa treatment on a regular basis, particularly with the hectic schedules that fathers can lead,” said Stephanie Doud, director of spa operations at The Mirage. “Encouraging men to visit a spa for the first time can be challenging, but after that first visit, they will get over the worry.”

“Men love to be pampered just as much as women, if not more,” said Maritsa Victorian, director of spa at Mandalay Bay. “A massage is always a safe way to go for a treatment – however, once they have a facial, they will be hooked.”

Dads can treat their sensitive chin and neck areas with Spa Mandalay’s Men’s Pure Energy Facial or THEhotel’s Un Homme Grand Facial at Bathhouse spa.

If dad is in need of a trim, Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace offers the Men’s Zone, a swanky barbershop with Qua’s resident master barber, flat-screen televisions and a full bar.

“This men’s-only, exclusive portion of the spa offers a relaxing escape in a comfortable environment tailored to male guests,” said Shannon Stringert, director of Qua Baths & Spa.

“Guys love massages, especially deep tissue and sports massages,” Stringert added. “These therapeutic full-body massages use more intense pressure to soothe areas of tight painful muscles and joints. Men enjoy the treatments as they are beneficial for clients suffering from muscle tension.”

Stringert said men are in awe of how relaxed they feel after a service. Many stay behind to hang out in the spa facilities, including the herbal steam room, sauna, Arctic ice room and Roman baths.

“Dads live a busy life at home and Vegas allows them the perfect opportunity to take a much-needed break at the spa,” Stringert said.

Artsy Dad

"Sacred Bay" by Jeff Mitchum.

If your dad is a fan of art or if you’re just stumped on what to get him, there are a variety of galleries on the Las Vegas Strip with gifts that will leave an impression.

Located inside the Bellagio next to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, the Jeff Mitchum Gallery features the fine art photographer’s treasures from around the world.

The renowned artist said giving a gift that’s timeless is the way to go.

“When [getting] a gift, we think, ‘Is dad going to like this?’ That’s where the real pressure comes in, making sure they’re going to relate to it or else it’s going to join the many items in a garage sale,” said Mitchum. “We don’t want to see that. Kids and moms, the way they express their love for dad is timeless.”

Mitchum’s prints have a lifespan of 1,000-plus years and the mount for each piece sits on aluminum. His featured work, “Sacred Bay” (seen above) is a limited edition piece that he suggests would be an ideal gift for Father’s Day.

“When you get an iconic image like ‘Sacred Bay,’ it would be something he would really be proud to have,” said Mitchum. “The real value [of] art is to be able to share it with your family.”

The classic image of Makena Beach in Maui has not yet been released to the public and can only be purchased by visiting or contacting the gallery. This makes the gift not only a great investment, but also exclusive.

“Another thing that was really intriguing about this image — how many times do you see a museum piece coming out of Hawaii that’s shot in black and white?” said Mitchum. “‘Sacred Bay’ was a result basically of multiple failures, not getting what I dreamed and hoped for. [For] almost a month, there was a cloud bank that kept shutting down the light. Then finally boom — the night comes and I shoot in black and white.”

In fact, this shot inspired a whole series to be shot in black and white: “To me, the emotion is the purity, the integrity of that night, seeing how it goes from camera into the print — it’s a masterpiece.”

Whether you choose to get dad an art piece for Father’s Day or not, a trip here is well worth it. The artist even offers to give anyone a personal tour of the gallery as long as you call in advance.

From race cars to spa treatments and art, dad is sure to have an unforgettable weekend in Vegas. We think that’s one of the most awesome gifts you can give him.


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