Catch ‘Batman Live’ in Vegas

BATMAN LIVE brings a new way to experience the famed superhero live in Vegas.

You’ve seen him in the pages of your favorite comic books and on the silver screen. Now you can see Batman and other iconic DC Comics characters on stage in Vegas in “Batman Live” at the Thomas & Mack Center Oct. 3 – 7. The $15 million stage production is part of a worldwide tour that started in Manchester, England in 2011. Since then, “Batman Live”  has been bringing one of the most famous superheroes in history to life for fans around the world.

Produced by Nick Grace of Water Lane Productions, the show features a 42-member cast, impressive stunts, pyrotechnics, illusions and video screen sequences. It’s a new way to experience Batman, his trusty sidekick Robin, his butler Alfred Pennyworth and a host of other characters, including notorious villains like The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and The Penguin. In true DC Entertainment form the show is set in famed locations like Gotham City, Wayne Manor, the Batcave and Arkham Asylum.

The Batmobile adds to the non-stop action at BATMAN LIVE.

Audiences get their first exposure to the show’s state-of-the-art production elements before the show starts. As soon as they enter the arena, guests are greeted by a 3-D Gotham City landscape with buildings, soundscape and video animation. The show’s symphonic score was recorded by a 92-piece orchestra. Adding to the show’s visual elements is a 105-foot bat-shaped LED video wall with 2 million LEDs, which enhances the action on the custom-built stage.

No Batman production would be complete without a Batmobile, and this one delivers. The Batmobile in “Batman Live” was designed especially for the show by legendary race car driver professor Gordon Murray. The car was created with ground force effects similar to Formula 1 racing cars. It was built from a new type of Carbon Fibre that is 10 times lighter than steel and 100 times stronger. The Batmobile moves on virtual wheels, indicated by LED lighting. Its ground effect venturies produce enough downforce to allow the Batmobile to be driven on the ceiling at 100 mph.  It’s an impressive automobile to say the least.

This Joker is no laughing matter.

Along with the show’s stellar special effects, “Batman Live” also features a moving storyline adapted from DC Comics characters and stories. The show focuses on Robin’s quest for justice, which leads him to follow in the footsteps of the mysterious vigilante Batman. His quest is somewhat stifled by the protective billionaire Bruce Wayne, whom the audience knows is secretly Batman. Dick Grayson (Robin), Wayne, his tireless butler Alfred and the Police Commissioner James Gordon learn to work together to overcome the evil forces of Batman’s enemies and some of the most famous and beloved villains of the 20th century.

The coming of age story was written by Allan Heinberg. His story is faithful to the comic books, celebrating the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin. With the show’s compelling storyline and incredible production elements audiences are transported from the Big Top of Haly’s Circus to the depths of Arkham Asylum.

Creating this unique experience took about two and a half years. Since it debuted in 2011, more than half a million people have seen the show. The stage, rigging, props and other elements that make up “Batman Live” travel city to city in 20 53-foot semi-trailer trucks. Once in Vegas it will take the crew about two days to build the production and transform the Thomas & Mack Center into Gotham City. A total of 115 people travel with the show, including actors, acrobats, stunt performers, crew, caterers, merchandise staff and truck drivers. Their combined efforts create what’s been touted around the world as a thrilling, hi-tech hit. See the caped crusader like never before in “Batman Live.”

Tickets for this show start at $19 and can be purchased here.