Bellagio Fountains make a splash with celebrities

Talk about a splashing impression: The Fountains at Bellagio is one of the most popular spots in Vegas to take video. You may have heard the buzz about Pitbull’s recent shoot for the NBA Playoffs commercial: Pitbull fans (we know a few personally) immediately shared it on social. Others… well, let’s just say they weren’t too thrilled with this idea. Some folks see the Bellagio Fountains as sacred and having any kind of live footage or performances surrounding it taints its pristine beauty.

Hold on — let’s pump the brakes on this right now. Before we go any further, let’s remember Pitbull and friends are definitely not the first to shoot at this iconic Strip attraction. We have proof. So before you start thinking the Bellagio Fountains is a sell-out, take a look at these past videos. We have to admit they’re a bit entertaining, not to mention a whole lot of fun.


We’re kicking things off with the previously mentioned video, just in case you any of you haven’t seen it yet. Cuban rap sensation Pitbull performs his hit, “Bad Man,” with his buddies Travis Barker on drums; Joe Perry on guitar; and Robin Thicke’s velvety vocals during the chorus. Like ’em or not, they killed it. If the fountains could clap on their own, they would. Can we get a full-length video though?

Take a peek at the filming for this video.

Imagine Dragons

What’s more awesome than seeing Imagine Dragons in concert? We say being at the right place at the right time — in this case, in front of the Bellagio Fountains.

Las Vegas rock band Imagine Dragon decided to play it forward right in front of the Bellagio Fountains with their hit, “Radioactive.” This video gets you hyped up from the very beginning,  from the moment they’re driving to the Strip to greeting fans while walking toward their “stage.” It’s like an “MTV Unplugged” version, Vegas style. You’ll appreciate the live guitar, drum and violin music, paired with lead singer Dan Reynold’s distinct vocals. Guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon even did an extended guitar solo at the end.

Moments like this make us so proud of our city. We just have one request: Please, pretty please (with a cherry on top) come back and do this again.

Britney Spears

How is 2001 15 years ago? Before pop princess Britney Spears started her “Piece of Me” residency at Planet Hollywood’s AXIS theater, Britney showed off her killer dance moves with her hit song, “Slave” for the 2001 Billboard Music Awards. Just like Pitbull’s “Bad Man” video, Britney performs on the Bellagio Fountains’ submerged platform. It’s a fun performance to watch and now, we’re here missing our patterned print flare pants and belly shirts. Baby, don’t you wanna…


Fans of ancient Japanese art got a real treat with this one, and it wasn’t just a five-minute bit. It was an all-out show production. And if you stuck around past 20 minutes, you caught the lively dance number. You can check out more Kabuki highlights here, and if you missed it last year you’re in luck. To celebrate Golden Week, the Bellagio Fountains will have hologram samurai shows April 29 – May 7. The show can be seen every hour on the hour between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Callaway Golf commercial

Fore! If you don’t already play golf, you’ll probably want to try it out now. And while we wouldn’t dare to disrupt the flow of the Bellagio Fountains show, we think taking a swing (just one!) would be a neat Vegas bucket list item. Plus, pro golfer Alvaro Quiros makes golf look so cool by how the ball soars over the dancing waters.

Bruno Mars

Uptown funk is gonna give it to ya… more like the Fountains at Bellagio is gonna give it to ya! While Bruno Mars didn’t physically perform in front of the fountains, the fountains surely did a fine job in his place. All they’re missing are bowler hats.


The Fountains dance better to Tiesto’s music than any of us do. And after you watch this, you’ll see that the fountains are ready to party at EDC. Even if you’re not an electronic dance music fan, this is still super fun to watch and will hype you up on a Friday or Saturday night.

Michael Jackson

Not a lot of folks know that the Bellagio Fountains has Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” on rotation. It’s not all classical music, opera or retro Vegas tunes, guys. At one point, these dancing waters even moonwalk! While we would have loved if the King of Pop did a live performance here, the dancing waters definitely do MJ justice. Hee hee, ow!

DIY Bellagio fountain

OK, so these kids know exactly what they were doing. If you’re getting Vegas withdrawals (because honestly, who doesn’t?) and want to show off to your friends, study this Bellagio Fountains-inspired video. you’ll have the chance to buy Super Soaker water guns again — something you probably haven’t done since the early ’90s.

Completely fascinated with the Bellagio Fountains? Check out the intricate process behind it all, as well as our other Vegas attractions.


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