Be our funky Valentine – Five unique ways Vegas celebrates Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day can spark intense feelings and in Las Vegas we let you get in touch with those feelings in unique ways.

Provocateur Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

The rooms that put the boom-boom in Vegas
Need some romance or just a hot steamy night in Vegas? Check out the Provocateur Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the Erotic Suite at The Palms Las Vegas. With in-room amenities that include a massive bed for six, whips, paddles, a suspended cage, and a cross complete with shackles, the Provocateur Suite will help you indulge in your domination fantasies. The Erotic Suite goes for the more sensual appetites with a large rotating bed, mirrored ceiling and Show Shower complete with stripper pole.
Cost: Varies, from $3,500 a night

Love Cloud tour
Board this private aircraft and you can seal the deal on your membership in the Mile High Club. A custom interior has transformed the passenger cabin into a giant bed with a wireless sound and light system. And since you won’t be piloting this aircraft while you indulge in your fantasy, there’s a locked door between you and the pilot, who’ll be wearing a noise-canceling headset.
Cost: From $599

Steve Keller and Nancy Levandowski -- Just married.

Get hitched at Denny’s
Las Vegas has so many ways to tie the knot we are the buffet of nuptial bliss. But even in a town where you can get married by Elvis, on a pirate ship or even at the drive-thru, there is still a way to get married that takes the cake, pancakes that is. At Denny’s in downtown Las Vegas you can hold both your ceremony and the reception, complete with a cake made of Denny’s Pancake Puppies.
Cost: From $95 (minister is an extra fee)

Cupid's Undie Run

Cupid’s Undie Run
Strip down to your skivvies and jog through downtown Las Vegas – or what we like to call 3 a.m. in Vegas. Really this run is to support the Children’s Tumor Foundation charity. But in Vegas we don’t need an excuse to wear our underwear as outerwear. The event starts at noon on Feb. 14 outside of Commonwealth at 525 East Fremont St. and circles a little more than a mile of downtown.
Cost: $50.

Try out the Just Divorced package at Machine Guns Vegas.

“Just Divorced” Experience
Screw Valentine’s Day and all those sappy lovebirds. If your lover has done you wrong, Machine Guns Vegas has the solution. Grab four of your friends and celebrate your independence from that jerk or jerkette with their “Just Divorced” Experience. Take aim at your wedding dress, tux, marriage license and more and work out your anger in the safety of a private room in MGV’s indoor shooting range.
Cost: $499.


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