American Idol contestants get some “LOVE” in Vegas


From Left: Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, mentor Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records Jimmy Iovine

In place of Hollywood week for season 10 of American Idol, contestants are getting a chance to compete on a stage in Vegas inside the LOVE Theater at the Mirage. The competition is taking place this week with the remaining 60 contestants performing only Beatles songs on the same stage as Cirque du Soleil’s “LOVE.”

“This is the best Hollywood week we’ve ever had,” said American Idol judge Randy Jackson at a press conference that took place Dec. 14 inside the LOVE Theater lobby.

The other American Idol  judges including Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, along with the show’s host Ryan Seacrest, were also at the conference to discuss the competition. After this week the judges will make cuts leaving only 40 contestants in the competition. Competing in Vegas is giving the judges a chance to see what the contestants can do when they have to perform in a real life stage setting.

“They’re on a real stage with a real set and a real band,” said Lopez. “That’s a good gauge for us.”

In addition to the change in scenery, the contestants also have to overcome the fact that they’re singing some of the greatest and most well known songs in the history music.  

“If you sing it, it’s got to be good,” said Tyler.

‘The hardest songs in the world to sing are the easy ones,” added Jackson.

When asked who of the new judges is taking the place of being the critical Simon Cowell of the group, the judges responded by saying that they’re all trying their best to both advise and support the contestants.

“We all want them to do well because we all believe in them,” said Jackson.

“If they can’t sing Randy will tell them that they can’t sing, not ask them if they ate paint chips as a kid,” said Tyler.

The judges also reassured those in attendance that despite the obvious star quality associated with having Tyler and Lopez as judges the competition is putting even more focus this year on the talent and the contestants. Integrating Tyler and Lopez into the competition has added a new sense of expertise to the judges panel that contestants can gain from.

“I don’t think there’s anything about music that this esteemed panel doesn’t know,” said Jackson.


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  1. Gail Minter at 6:44 pm

    Can not wait to see this ,I love The Beatles…. Wish I could find someone to help me tell the true story of the Fifth
    Beatle… It has always been a big secert…. No one knows who he really is, his name has never been said. It’s not
    Pete Best are any one people think.. His voice is being sold today as John Lennon’s singing voice.. He and John were friends and there is video of them playing together…. but no one knows who the guy is … I DO …HELP