10 tips to make the most of your Vegas spa experience

You’re in Vegas and everything about your vacation is fast-paced. Whether you’re partying all night in a club, shopping up a storm or making your way through the buffet aisles, you constantly have to be on your toes.

Don’t  let your spa experience in Vegas be the same way.

While we’re hurrying to find the perfect outfit, rushing to the club to beat the line and piling our plates (only to drop it  off at the table and grab more food!), the spa is the one place in town you’re encourage not to follow the pattern of the hustle-and-bustle.

So how do you have a perfect spa experience in Vegas? With the help of local spa experts, we’ve come up with a list to make sure your day is nothing short of spa-tacular.

1. Arrive early.

Give yourself time to enjoy spa amenities before a treatment.

 We can’t stress how important this is. Even if you arrive a  few minutes early, that’s not going to cut it. The earlier you check in, the more you’ll have time to lounge around and prepare for your treatment.

“The worst thing to do is rush to the spa treatment room because it’s going to take you another 15 to 20 minutes to relax,” said Blake Feeney, spa director at Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Venetian and Palazzo. “When you’re relaxed and prepared for the massage, it will have deeper effects.”

Shannon Stringert, director at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace, recommends arriving at least one hour before the service: “Most spas recommend 30 minutes but if you really want to have a blissful experience, arrive earlier,” he said. “This will give you time to change into your robe and take advantage of all the amenities prior to your service so you are fully relaxed and ready for your treatment.”

Spas are a lot more than dim lighting, chaise lounges and refreshments: “It’s beneficial to use the stream room or sauna before a massage to help warm the muscles and loosen them up prior to having them treated,” said Pooneh Melton, director of recreational services at MGM Grand.

 “Make a day of it,” said Shannon Mariani, director of recreational services at Vdara. “There are several aspects at different spas, but oftentimes people don’t take advantage of them. When going to a spa, try every single complimentary amenity to you. You will be glad you did.”

2. Avoid heavy sun exposure the day before your treatment.

Who wants to look like a lobster on their vacation? In addition, coming to your spa treatment wouldn’t be pleasant at all.

“Avoiding a sunburn is extremely important as it is very uncomfortable to be touched once the skin is irritated or burned,” said Melton.

It’s also important to take care of your skin afterward, especially if you’re having a facial. Make sure to tote a moisturizer with sunscreen with you.

3. Don’t drink  (or overindulge) the night before.

We know this is tough from first-hand experience. After all, you’re in Vegas, right? But not only will a hard night of partying take a toll on your body, but you’ll leave feeling even dizzier than when you came in.

“Excessive drinking the night prior to a treatment can cause an uncomfortable experience because the body is detoxifying and dehydrated,” Stringert said. “On the morning of your spa treatment, eat a light and healthy meal.”

Feeney advises, “To be able to get them to maximize their spa experience, be mindful – drink lots of fluids, not alcoholic fluids.”

But how tempting is it to leave your treatment, go about your day and indulge the same night? It’s also vital to take care of yourself after the pampering.

“Try to eat a healthy meal, well-balanced and nutritionally sound which will enhance the treatment,” said Feeney. “So many people worry about a lot of things and rarely what they’re putting inside their bodies.”

4.  Stay hydrated.

Before and after your treatment, make sure to have plenty of H20.

Speaking of dehydration, staying hydrated is a must, especially when you’re in the desert.

“Water will help remove the built-up toxins in the body and will rehydrate the body both internally and externally,” said Stephanie Doud, spa director at the Mirage.

Drink plenty of water after your service so you to avoid feeling lightheaded.

5.  Take the time to pick a service suited for you.

 Just like we take our time picking the perfect pet, we should have the same mentality when choosing a treatment. I personally like getting deep massages because I have tight muscles around my shoulder area. Or if I’m getting a facial, I like choosing ones that are fruit-infused because the smell is amazing. The vitamins are a plus, too.

“The first step would be to at least narrow down if you prefer a facial, massage, or body treatment,” said Tammi Furce, spa director at Bellagio. “Once that has been determined, request the advice of the person making your appointment. In addition, your therapist can help you as well during your treatment.”

“If you’re not able to know what treatment you would like to get, ask yourself how you would like to feel after leaving the spa. Would you like to be relaxed or refreshed? By knowing how you would like to feel afterwards, this can help the process. It also never hurts to ask questions when your booking your service,” said Doud.

“I always encourage guests to break out of their comfort zone,” said Melton. “Trying something new sets the experience apart and provides for a memorable experience.”

6. Leave your cell phone behind.

If you’re a text and app junkie like me, this might be difficult. But trust me — the times I’ve kept my phone off (before and after the spa treatment), I was able to truly relax. Keeping your phone away during the entire experience is vital.

“This is your time to escape the outside world and to fully indulge in this tranquil moment,” said Stringert.

Plus, you don’t want to disturb other guests with your distractions. It defeats the whole purpose of a spa day!

7.  Communicate.

Once you’re in the room with your therapist don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions about the products or let them know about any areas that are sore, tense or injured. When I get massages there are certain spots I like extra attention on, even if it means I’m cutting the time with other areas. Therapists are also happy to jot down a list of the products they used on your skin in case you want to purchase them later. Therapists are there to make your experience the best possible.

8. Tip accordingly.

When booking your appointment, ask if gratuity is included. For the convenience of guests, a lot of spas automatically include an 18 to 20 percent to your treatment. If this service isn’t included, make sure to bring cash with you. The check-in desk will have envelopes where you can place your tip. Some tip before their service, some after. It’s entirely up to you.

9. Know if you want this your day or a day to be shared.

Do you feel like catching up with your girlfriends? Hanging out with the sweetie? Or do you want to escape from everything and everyone? Plenty of spas cater to couples with couples’ treatments. In addition, bachelorette parties are also popular since many facilities offer private lounge areas. Personally, I like going to the spa alone.

“Decide what you want to get out of the experience prior to going,” said Mariani. “If you are looking for some quiet time due to an overly busy schedule, don’t plan the spa day with friends. Instead, go alone and enjoy your time. If you are looking to spend some time with a loved one or close friend, this is a great way to see each other and catch up and beats the regular lunch date invite,” said Mariani.

10. Last but not least, don’t forget to relax.

Easier said than done: Some people just don’t know how to relax during a massage. During your massage, close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as completely as possible. Focus your attention on breathing slowly and deeply.

But even before and after your treatment, come to the spa with a tranquil mind. Don’t think about what you have going on later in the day or the worries of your mind. This is the one time you can leave that all behind.

“In our fast paced society, we rarely slow down and take a moment to ourselves,” said Furce. “Use spa time as the excuse to enjoy the peace. Meditate, read, write, or just be.”

Feeney added that you can make the most of it by stretching a 50-minute treatment to three to four hours, just be relaxing in the facility alone: “Take the experience to the next level instead of having a massage, then leaving,” he said.

Remember on this special day, you’re the star.

“In making sure that you have the best spa experience possible, remember that this spa experience is for you,” said Doud. “It is about taking the time out of your day and focusing on you. Indulge and enjoy it.”

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