$1 Bargains on the Strip

Times are hard across the country and Vegas is no exception. But as always, there’s the proverbial silver lining, which in this case means lower prices.

How about $1 dollar blackjack on the Strip? Normally on the Strip, blackjack (and other games like roulette) have a minimum bet requirement of $5. If you wanted lower minimums, say, $2 or $3, you always had to go downtown. No more.

At the Sahara you can buy $1 beer, $1 kamikaze shots, $1 hot dogs and sit at a  blackjack table with a $1 minimum. These bargains can be found in the casino area near the NASCAR Cafe.


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  1. Captain Obvious at 6:34 pm

    There has always been $1 blackjack at the Sahara, even before you showed up to town. Way to report on breaking news genius.