‘Zumanity’ gets sexier with new choreography, costumes and effects

Welcome to the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil where wild fantasies are explored by way of tantalizing acrobats that blow… your… mind.

With incredible acts that intertwine all elements of feminine and masculine energy as well as the undeniable urges that reside between the two, “Zumanity” crosses the line of lust and love during the intimate, 90-minute showcase leaving very little to the collective audience’s imagination.

Zumanity's "Perfect Jam." Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun.

However, while the body-bearing production has made just about every aspect of the “Zumanity” experience sexy – yes, starting at the theater’s bar you can order yourself signature cocktails such as the frozen Blue Balls bevvy or the Horni Margarita – the 12-year-old production recently rendezvoused to completely reinvigorate the show.

“Zumanity’s” Artistic Director Ria Martens said, “All Cirque du Soleil shows are always changing [and] with ‘Zumanity’ having opened 12 years ago, it was time to make a big change to give people who already saw the show many times a different experience.”

Leaving no part of the show untouched, the production’s creators reworked everything including new music, lighting, costume and projection elements to give audiences an experience unlike anything they’ve encountered before.

An example of the risqué revamp is perfectly captured in the new number “Perfect Jam” created by “Zumanity’s”  choreographer, Yanis Marshall. Not only is this down and dirty dance wildly entertaining, this sexy number will make you – for the first time in your life – wish you were a chair… unless, of course, wishing to be used as furniture is normal for you (Jeopardy answer: What is forniphilia?).

The erotic number showcases nine dancers as they pulse to and manipulate their bodies into scandalous positions on and around their blue, glowing chair props while the production’s on-stage band performs the act’s original namesake song.

But while this number is the show’s only new dance act, other additions in choreography and aerial performances are seen in many of the show’s other acts including the famous “Chains,” “Waterbowl” and “Pole” performances, among other sensual surprises that pop up throughout the production.

For a show packed with a little something for returning audience members and for first-timers alike, Martens said, “They will [see] some new acts, some acts they will recognize presented in a new way, and overall they will feel a new energy.”

To elaborate, Marshall said, “Zumanity was amazing without the new choreography already but the plan was to make it amazing for another 10 years.”

Zumanity’s New Look photo gallery

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