Your sexiest Valentine’s Day (and night) yet

Ahh, Valentine’s Day — we meet again and this year we aren’t holding any of our sexy back. We’ve got tips on how to crank up the heat in and out of the bedroom from some of the hottest performers and shows on the Strip.

We already know that our Valentine’s Day celebration will be steamier than Jack and Rose’s below-deck romp, but we thought we’d share the tips about what to do with your beau so that you too can have an equally saucy V-Day rendezvous.

Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood

Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood

Zombie Burlesque
“I put the romance into Valentine’s Day by stealing hearts (literally) – just reach on in there & rip it right out! Always takes their breath away!”
– Zombie Burlesque character “Johnny Wifemauller” played by Jeffrey Debarathy

“Zenoch will bring his lover the brains of a poet & heart shaped brains to set the romance for Valentine’s Day.”
– Zombie Burlesque character “Zenoch” played by Enoch Augustus Scott

“A zombie would’ve gotten roses for the piano, but figured tulips on your organ is way better to start the evening!”
– Zombie Burlesque character “Mikey” played by Patrick Leahy

“I always start the day off with a box of bloody hearts.”
– Zombie Burlesque character “Sophia Lamorte” played by Sophia Monica

“I like to spend my Valentine’s Day with a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolate covered eyeballs, thinking back on all of the hearts I’ve eaten over the years.”
Zombie Burlesque character “Elizabeth Terror” played by April Leopardi Anneberg


Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino.

Thunder From Down Under

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just one time a year. Pick something that you have done on a previous Valentine’s Day and repeat it on a monthly basis through out the year. For example, if you have bought flowers in the past, schedule a flower shop to debit your account on a monthly basis and then the shop randomly selects one day a month to send her flowers so she’s always surprised.

Leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom for her to find when she gets home.

Play The Weekend album “House of Balloons” and just cuddle on the couch listening to it.

Try to think of something completely original & romantic that is exclusive to the two of you and no one else knows about.

Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or rent a cabin in the snow for a great getaway weekend.

Leave love notes around the house letting her know how much you care.

– The blokes of Australia’s Thunder from Down Under

Stripper 101 at Planet Hollywood

Stripper 101 at Planet Hollywood

Stripper 101
“Lap dances are a pretty straightforward way to add romance to Valentine’s Day…or any day! “Romantic” might not be the first word you think of when you think of lap dance but it is an extremely sensual experience for both of you. The energy created by being so physically close to someone can be really intense.

Also, there are a lot of Valentine’s gifts that are clearly marketed as a gift to a woman from a man but the nice thing about lap dance is that it’s something you can share. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day solo, never fear. Lap dance may work better for couples but pole dancing works quite well for ladies who want to give themselves a nice gift. It will make you feel sexy and put you in touch with a side of yourself that maybe doesn’t get to come out and play often enough. I’ve seen pole dancing give women a new appreciation for their body many times and they get excited to discover that they are sexier and more capable than they might have realized. And it doesn’t have to be done for someone else’s viewing pleasure. This is about celebrating our bodies and ourselves!

[However], I love everything about Valentine’s Day! I enjoy the candy, the pretty hearts and glitter (I’m so girly) and the idea of celebrating love. I usually make little gifts for all of my single friends because those relationships deserve to be celebrated. For myself, I like to have some candy and cocktails because everyone knows chocolate tastes better when it’s heart shaped.”

– Pony Winterhart, Stripper 101 instructor

Crazy Girls at Planet Hollywood

Crazy Girls at Planet Hollywood

Crazy Girls Show
“Using our acting ability, role playing always spices things up!”
 Danielle, Dance Captain

“Treat the other 364 days like Valentine’s Day…little surprises and extra efforts all go a long way in keeping the passion and fire alive all year.”
Kate, Dancer

“I like to slip into something slinky and pop a bottle of bubbly.”
Michelle, Crazy Girls Singer

Aussie Hunks at The D

Aussie Hunks at V2 Theater in Planet Hollywood.

Aussie Hunks
The highly skilled hip-hop and breakdance talent that the Aussie Hunks demonstrate ‘wows’ you, which reignites the feeling of being in awe of your partner.

You feel inspired by the Aussie Hunks to chase your dreams and encourage your partner’s pursuit of their hobbies, interests and dreams.

Seeing the fresh faced, youthful, energetic Hunks on stage triggers that sparkling feeling of excitement and enthusiasm from when you were early on dating… The hunks cannot wait to get back on stage again after each show, just like that feeling of impatience to want to hang out with your partner again.

Our up close and personal lap dances, which involve escalation of touch while making deep authentic eye contact, heighten a couples feeling of emotional and physical connection.

The cast of Aussie Hunks

Zumanity at New York - New York

Zumanity at New York – New York

“I will be performing in Zumanity, Vegas’ sexiest show, making couples horny on Valentine’s Day. After shows I plan on taking my wife to a late night rendezvous at F. Pigalle the new fondue restaurant on Fremont East. The décor is Parisian red-light district crossed with sex-shop, the food is excellent and the quality French wine is served in baby bottles — perfect for those with an oral fixation!”
– Jonas Woolverton, Casanova Cyr Wheel

“Using only the light of candles to light a kitchen with scattered flowers and roses while making your loved one dinner in sexy underwear as your loved one drinks a bottle of red wine. Afterwards making your way for some Jacuzzi time. Giving your loved one a full body warm oil massage. Ending with the both of you covered in sensual oil. Trying a new fetish for the bedroom…. Take turns binding each other to the bed allowing you both to each take 100 percent control.”
– Brandon Pereyda, Chains

“Keep it spontaneous and creative. It doesn’t have to be about chocolate and roses. I once took a Valentine’s date dune buggy racing. She loved it. Make it about the two of you and have fun.”
– Zumanity, Willie Hulett

Fantasy at Luxor

Fantasy at Luxor

“On Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart and I like to go to a fancy dinner and share a bottle of wine. We like to be adventurous so we pick something we’ve never done before – what better occasion to be spontaneous than on Valentine’s Day? My only rule is to turn our phones off, so that we truly enjoy each other’s company.”
– Mariah Rivera, dancer and company manager at Fantasy at Luxor

SEXXY at Westgate

SEXXY at Westgate

Valentine’s Day is the time of year for love and chocolate. People may have a misconstrued theory of what we “adult” performers do for romance or pleasure because of the adult-themed content of our shows. I say just keep it SEXXY! To me it’s very simple; whether you are just starting out dating or you have been with the same person for a long time, keep your relationship alive. Try new things, have date nights, role play, keep the passion alive… do the whip cream, chocolate covered strawberries, do something unexpected. It’s the little things sometimes that really count such as candlelight dinners and wine by the fire…it shows you took the time to plan something out. Same goes for the woman too. Treat your man well, buy the sexy lingerie and do something special for him too. Valentine’s Day represents love and true love doesn’t come around every day, so if you are in love with someone, keep the love alive. Jennifer Romas, Producer, choreographer, star of SEXXY the Show

Chippendales at Rio Las Vegas

Chippendales at Rio Las Vegas

“When it comes to romance, The Men of Chippendales have it on lock. Every night of the week in Vegas they’re perfecting seductive grins, sexy winks, and their best “come hither” stares. V-Day is no exception—and for the women in their lives off-stage, an at home private performance is always expected.”
– The Men of Chippendales


Trading one desert for another, I moved to Las Vegas from Arizona nearly three years ago. It was something about the sparkling lights and the all-encompassing entertainment factor that persuaded me to swap cacti for casinos and dry heat for well…even drier heat. And while I do love a good show, I will always keep true to my country girl ways seeing that I am an absolute sucker for a good country concert and will always indulge the opportunity to go out country dancing! But in a city that undoubtedly has some of the world’s best cuisine, a wild assortment of endless experiences, and of course phenomenal shows, Vegas certainly has that unparalleled good time vibe that can make a city slicker out of just about anyone… including myself!