‘X Burlesque’ celebrates its 10-year anniversary in Las Vegas

Meeka is one of the X girls in "X Burlesque" at the Flamingo.

She used to shake it on stage, but now she’s a mover and shaker behind the scenes. After performing as a show girl in the topless revue “Crazy Girls” at the Riviera for 10 years, Angela Stabile decided to take a break from the spotlight and produce her own show on the Las Vegas Strip. The transition was a success. Last week her topless revue, “X Burlesque,” at the Flamingo celebrated its 10-year anniversary on the Strip.

While working in “Crazy Girls,” Stabile also helped the producer with marketing the show. She learned what it took to be a successful producer and was inspired to create her own revue. Her concept for “X Burlesque” was to make the show super sexy while also keeping it lighthearted and fun.

“The key ingredient is to be really fun and not take it too seriously. There are super sexy numbers. Then there are cute numbers, and everyone has fun. They don’t feel uncomfortable watching the show,” said Stabile.

Another distinguishing aspect of her show is that her dancers feature a variety of looks. Some of the adult revues like “MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris” want the dancers to have a uniform appearance, but not “X Burlesque.” From blondes to brunettes, the show has something for everyone, and the dancers wear their natural hair. There are no wigs, just lovely ladies with luscious locks.

“All the girls have amazing hair in our show,” said Stabile.

The intimate showroom at the Flamingo is also a unique aspect of the show. The dancers perform on the stage and in the audience, allowing them to get up close and personal with guests. Even seats in the back of the showroom put guests close to the dancers.

X Burlesque


“X Burlesque” features both covered and topless dance numbers performed to contemporary pop songs and classic rock tunes. Some of the routines showcase the entire cast while other scenes are duets or solo numbers. The show changes a little each year to keep it fresh, but many of the audience favorites stay the same. This year some of the changes include a burlesque routine that features the traditional burlesque champagne glass and a new number with feather fans that’s choreographed to Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

The women of “X Burlesque” are presented in a sexy way, but Stabile says that the majority of the show’s success is based on her dancers.

“I know it’s cliché, but they really are the most beautiful cast. People always want to come back and see what they’re going to be doing next,” said Stabile.