Vegas welcomes ’50 Shades! The Smash Hit Parody’

50 Shades! The Smash Hit Parody

“It’s dirty, it’s really raunchy, it pushes the envelope a lot, but at its core think it’s got a story that hopefully you’ll care about,” explained Al Samuels, Director of 50 Shades! The Smash Hit Parody.”

"Open Your Book" Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun

Opening tonight at Bally’s Windows Showroom, this naughty new addition to Las Vegas’ entertainment roster is set to poke some fun at the ever-popular, “mommy porn” series that is “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

“We aren’t afraid to make fun of the books,” Samuels explained, “but also, at the same time, we are also not afraid to celebrate the parts of the book that are fun – the phenomenon around it, the fact that women all get together and call each other about it like, ‘Omigod! Have you gotten to this part of the book?!’”

But don’t worry, if you haven’t read the book series (or still want to pretend that we don’t know what’s really on your Kindle) the show’s “broad appeal” will still have you laughing and following along the whole way through.

50 Shades! The Smash Hit Parody is set at the scene of a three-member, 30- or 40-something, all-female book club. They are all offering ideas for their next book when Pam’s suggestion of E.L. James’ she-porn best seller, trumps “The Diary of Anne Frank” and a Martha Stewart recipe book.

How much fun can you take? Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun

Samuels said audience members will be able to either personally relate to the situations if they have read the steamy novel themselves or even if they have witnessed someone they know indulging in the blush-inducing book.

However, it is important to remember that this show is a parody and is rife with opportunities for humor. With musical scores titled “Open Your Book,” “The Hole Inside of Me,” and “Fifty Shades” among others, the entire performance is summarized by Samuels as, “…a nice homage to the books and just how badly they are written.”

But while the books may be considered badly written, the performers cast in this musical parody are incredibly talented. Holding casting calls and auditions in Las Vegas and L.A., Samuels selected eight of the show’s nine-member cast from the talent here in Sin City, and found an “amazing Anastasia” in California.

"Hole Inside of Me" Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun

However, casting was the most difficult when it came to casting the iconic, bondage-inclined Christian Grey. Samuels explained, “That’s a very tough role to cast because there’s very specific parameters…he’s got to be able to play super masculine, he’s got to be able to play super sexy, but at the same time, he’s got to be able to play funny because it’s a comedy – we are doing a comedy [and] I think the Christian Grey we found for Vegas is as good or better than any of the Christian Greys you would have seen around America, around the world – he’s amazingly funny.”

And maintaining the fine balance while playing the production’s billionaire businessman, Samuels said that there is plenty of shock-factor in the character that the actor portrays expertly as well. But do keep in mind that with the nudity is PG, the show’s lyrics and script are a hard R, filled with references to various practices and orifices.

For example of why parts of the show would be R-rated, Samuels explained of a show scene, “In the book, it’s a big scene when Christian takes Anna’s flower and we have that moment in the show and it is called the ‘Muff Dive Ballet’ because on one part of the stage, Christian is rolling around in the bed with Anna and he opens up her legs in a glorious way and dives in and at the same time, there is the most beautiful dance going on on-stage and anywhere we do it, small town big town, that moment, people are just screaming. It’s really funny but they are also screaming because it’s so — what Christian is doing is so ridiculous and so ridiculously dirty…So I think it’s the stuff that is sexually suggestive and done in such a way where people are just like ‘ohmigod I can’t believe it!’”

But don’t get your panties in a bunch…. While focused on the book’s dirty deeds, this is simply an extremely entertaining comedy about a dirty book and nothing that a good sense of humor won’t love. So go ahead, grab your girlfriends, boyfriends, Miss Daisy, your mom, and whoever else likes to laugh and have a good time and enjoy 69 minutes (yep… we applaud that “creative” show length) of a comedy that has made its way into the hearts (ahem… yeah, hearts) of comedy lovers across the nation.

Still not convinced? Check out this sizzle reel from the New York production to see for yourself…


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