Vegas only North American stop in New Kids On The Block tour

We all get a little nostalgic for our preteen days, and for many of us, the New Kids on the Block were a major part of that, their photos torn from Teen Beat taped to our bedroom walls.

Every NKOTB fan had their favorite, little hearts drawn around their pictures. If you never got to see them perform live, to hear them sing “Please Don’t Go Girl” or “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever),” here’s your chance. For four nights, the New Kids on the Block are set to perform at the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood, their only North American stop after returning from their European tour.

“We knew we had a limited time block where we could do something fun and we knew we had to make it memorable,” band member Donnie Wahlberg said in a statement. “What better place than Vegas?  We’ll be up all day and all night for the whole weekend with our fans and friends.  It’s central enough to everyone in the country; north, south, east and west can all converge on Sin City with NKOTB.  And we will certainly make it worth their while.”

The New Kids on the Block lineup hasn’t changed since the boy band’s first major album, “Hangin’ Tough,” with brothers Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood.

NKOTB perform at 8 p.m. July 10-13 at Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood.