Vegas’ favorite drag queen puts a face to a new name

Photo by Sam Morris

Queen of the Strip Frank Marino is the new face of Dagarcamelle Cosmetics — a makeup line that caters to transgendered individuals.

“It’s also for anybody, but it’s … brighter colors [and] it’s really theatrical,” Marino said.

He compared the products, which he uses on stage, to MAC and Makeup Forever.

Dagarcamelle is sold online only. Marino said the small company hopes to get a boost by being affiliated with the famous drag queen.

“[The makeup is] good for your skin, especially if you tend to break out,” Marino added. “… It’s really hypoallergenic. It really works well.”

In addition to Dagarcamelle, Marino uses MAC and Krylon makeup to create his look. It takes him and three assistants about 75 minutes to complete his nightly makeover ritual.

“I do a generic look so that I can wear the Joan Rivers clothes and the wig and then change the wig and still be able to be myself,” Marino said.

But we would describe his characters as anything but generic. From head to heels, Marino is dazzling as the queen of more than 20 female impersonators.

Marino has been a master of faces for a long time.

With the longest-running act on the Strip (the drag show is 28 years old), Marino, his bedazzled blonde bombshell character, and his “Joan Rivers” are familiar faces to tourists who have come to know they’ll have a blast at “Divas” over and over again.

Six nights a week, a parade of superstar singers wow audiences with their gender-bending makeup and costumes. Diana Ross, Cher, Liza Minnelli and Bette Midler have been part of the cast from the beginning, but the show now includes Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Adele, Beyonce and many more.

The latest addition to the rotating cast plays Reba McEntire — part of a three-tiered tribute to country music that Marino says is his favorite piece in the show right now.