Valentine’s Day: Romantic Shows in Vegas

Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular is a timeless love story, perfect for couples on Valentine's Day.

Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular is a timeless love story, perfect for couples on Valentine's Day.

By Caroline Fontein

On Valentine’s Day, nothing says date night better than dinner and a show. It’s the quintessential combination for a romantic night out on the town. However, selecting the right show is crucial. For instance, seeing a stand-up comic might seem like a good idea at first, but after 90 minutes of listening to someone spout off crass comments about their love life, you may just be left laughing all the way home, alone.

On a day devoted to lovers, you’ll want to see something that inspires holding hands and evokes the same way you felt when you first kissed. Your everyday life may not facilitate a storybook ending, but seeing a romantic show in a city like Vegas will at least get you to a few good pages.

“That’s the wonderful thing about Vegas when you come here. Yes, in many ways it’s an adult playground, but along with that notion of a playground, it is so easy to get swept up into something that is more, if you will, adult fantasy,” said Anthony Crivello, who performs as the Phantom in “Phantom – the Las Vegas Spectacular” at the Venetian.

Phantom-The Las Vegas Spectacular

Crivello’s show is the only real love story on the Las Vegas Strip. Almost every night of the week guests at the show are swept off their feet by the $40 million custom-built theater, amazing production elements and equally captivating plot. The show has been in Vegas for six years and is scheduled to close on Sept. 2.

“In this particular case with ‘Phantom,’ because the love story involves seeing beneath the surface of an individual, seeing the true identity and heart of an individual and the romantic side of it all… it gives people hope as well as that romantic notion,” said Crivello.

For audiences who want to see a love story, “Phantom” won’t disappoint. With lavish costumes, incredible talent and even pyrotechnics, the Vegas production of this timeless show has a lot to offer for couples on Valentine’s Day.

If seeing a musical isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. This is Vegas. You have options. “Phantom” may  be the only love story on the Strip, but there are plenty of other romantic shows to see. We’ve put together a list of suggested shows that are bound to spawn some Valentine’s Day romance when Cupid isn’t around.

LOVE by Cirque du Soleil
Where: Mirage
There’s no denying a show with the name “LOVE” on Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re a Beatles fan. The Cirque du Soleil performers, their colorful costumes and imaginative set pieces create a stunning masterpiece set to the Beatles’ timeless music. The performers bring the songs to life by portraying the emotions and imagery you might imagine while hearing songs like “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds” and “Revolution.” Seeing the show is an exhilarating experience that you won’t want to miss sharing with your loved one.

Where: Planet Hollywood
If you’re looking for something a little more flirtatious and fun, take a peek at “Peepshow.” Starring Holly Madison, this adult revue features topless dancers and acts set to nursery rhymes told with a naughty twist. Each act also features a contemporary song repurposed to fit “Peepshow’s” fantasy theme. More than just sultry dancing, this show tells the sort of empowerment as the main character “Bo Peep” (played by Madison) learns to channel her inner sex goddess. Couples who to see something a little spicy but not too hot will have plenty to peep at when the dancers in this revue take the stage.

MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris
Where: MGM Grand
Adult entertainment gets artsy at this French import. Rather than just featuring topless women, “MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris” showcases the female form as a canvas where various patterns and lights are projected. The combination creates a tantalizing masterpiece for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Le Rêve – The Dream
Where: Encore
If you really want to have a dream date, “Le Rêve” is the perfect show for your night out on the town. French for the dream, “Le Rêve” depicts a colorful aquatic wonderland of beautiful and mystifying characters that perform in, on and around a 68-and-a-half-foot pool. The show’s in-the-round theater design adds to the experience with its 1,608 seats situated around the 42-foot deep pool. The show and the unique seating make this an awesome choice if you really want to impress your date. For couples who want an extra-special experience, the show offers champagne circle seating featuring chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate truffles and a complimentary bottle of champagne.

Where: New York-New York
Take a walk on the wild side, put reality on pause and experience “Zumanity” by Cirque du Soleil. This show explores different themes of sexuality from playful lust to self-inflicted pleasure and pain. Through stunning imagery, aerialists, comical vignettes and sultry dancing you start realizing that social norms don’t necessarily seem so normal anymore. This Valentine’s Day celebrate the bold, beautiful and bizarre at “Zumanity.”

X Burlesque
Where: Flamingo
If you want a strip club experience without the cover charge or the necessity for a wallet of dollar bills then “X Burlesque” is the next best thing. This adult revue features topless dancers performing a series of acts each set to a different contemporary song and theme. The show is performed in an intimate 180-seat theater, putting everyone close to the dancers. For one act they even use poles situated on the floor right in front of audience members. For couples who want a show with plenty of sex appeal, these dancers have “X”- actly what you’re looking for.