Thunder from Down Under takes it off on ‘Project Runway’

We all knew they had amazing bodies, but tonight the men of Thunder from Down Under will finally become models, as they get down to business on “Project Runway.”

This week’s task: Create clothing that looks great on but can be ripped off when things get hot.

Members of the Las Vegas cast and Thunder’s touring company will be both the “challenge” for the “Project Runway” designers and the models for their work.

The boys of Thunder performed a short dance number to show the designers what they would be working with and to demonstrate how the clothes would need to work.

SPI Entertainment Vice President Penny Levin explained:  “You have to be able to dance in the clothes, what we call the ‘reveal'” — that’s when they take the clothes off — “… and they still have to look a certain way.”

Levin said that “Project Runway” creator Heidi Klum, who came up with the idea to invite the Thunder cast to the show, loved the episode.

(Of course she did! Who wouldn’t love watching the cast of Thunder from Down Under take off their clothes over and over?)

The same went for the Thunder cast.

“It is probably the most fun time the boys have ever had,” Levin said.

She also said that the “Project Runway” contestants and judges had a terrific time working with the boys — when they weren’t giggling like schoolgirls, that is.

“Nina Garcia, who’s a pretty serious judge … laughed so hard,” Levin said. “You know how when one person starts laughing you all start laughing? … We’d look at each other and crack up.”

Still, for the designers, the episode carried a serious note. Because one contestant is sent home each week, the stakes are as high as the temperatures.

“It was a great experience,” she said. “The whole thing went even better than the producers planned.”

It was a also a big win for the Thunder brand. Levin estimated that the appearance is worth about $1 million in publicity.

Levin worked with the show’s director to choose seven guys who had the patience to try on design after design and work with the experts to make the clothes work perfectly. Levin said she assembled a cast that gave the designers many different looks to work with and that Thunder’s dance captain came along to lead the performance.

The show will air tonight at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central time zone) on Lifetime. Tune in to see if your favorite performer made the cut!