Shows for the scandalous

OK, so yes, we are well aware of the fact that the first day of summer is not officially until June 21 however, we also know for a fact that it is already heating up in Vegas. And while, we may not be into the triple digits quite yet (although those days are fast approaching), Sin City is certainly sizzling this time of year. But besides the fact that far less clothing is required for this season’s outdoor activities, the scorch-factor we are referring to has nothing to do with our devilish forecast.

Don’t get us wrong, we obviously love that it’s bikini season but more than that, we love that we don’t have to lube up in SPF 100 to feel the heat inside the showrooms of our city’s sexy adult revues.

So, if you’re ready to have a sizzling summer in Sin City, first, read on to decide the order in which your are going to indulge in these six equally sexy summertime shows and second, let’s be friends so that we can join you.


Thunder From Down Under

Ladies, c’mon. You haven’t really done Vegas until you’ve seen an all- male revue. OK, so you saw “Magic Mike” in the theater only because it was so dark that no one could see you blush but hey, guess what… no one can see you blush amidst the dimmed house lights in the Thunder From Down Under Theater either. Oh, and while you may be worried about your rosy cheeks advertising your naïve ways, let us assure you that the cheeks that everyone’s ogling at are definitely not yours.  Ticket Prices: $62.65 – $73.95


Crazy Girls

Their days at the Riviera have come to an end but sometimes, the end is the best part if you know what we’re saying. Like the end of chocolate-filled drumstick ice cream cones or the end of a marathon (that type of marathon is up to you), but our point is that Vegas’ iconic blonde-haired beauties are still awing audiences with their sexy costumes (or lack thereof), red-hot dance moves and steamy stories to tell (and show) in their new home at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Ticket Prices: $46.25 – $61.70


50 Shades! The Parody

They say laughter is the sexiest accessory (or at least that’s what we say) so why not get your sexy on with this laugh-inducing show that parodies the book phenomenon, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” With unexpected plot twists that will have you delightfully twisting in your seat, this hilarious production explores the steamy relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, as seen through the eyes of three girlfriends. It may be a parody, but there are plenty of naughty affairs to be had. Ticket prices: $65.85 – $77.25


Zombie Burlesque

What? The thought of rigor mortis doesn’t get you hot and bothered? OK, well good thing that goes for most people that haven’t seen this sexy, horny zombie-filled production.  Putting a zany twist on everything that’s hot about a traditional burlesque performance, the no-limits cast of “Zombie Burlesque” shows audience members that even though the hearts of these sex-frenzied fiends were devoured long ago, their romantic pulse is still pumping blood to all the right places. Ticket prices: $59.99 – $74.99



How do you like it? Yeah, we like our sugar in our tea as well. What did you think we were talking about? Oh, and we like a little (OK, a lot) of sexy in our shows and this topless revue sets the bra… um, bar… pretty high. Showcasing eight dancers, this dynamic topless revue flaunts a variety of wild fantasies that will have you panting in your seats and wishing that you had that aforementioned tea… with lots of sugar. Ticket Prices: $48.40 –  $66.50



What can we say? Really bendy people performing what could be coined as acrobatic Kama Sutra is not only rousingly entertaining but sensually mood-setting as well. Be prepared to gasp, in more ways than one, as you discover just how the tantalizingly toned bodies of “Zumanity” have flipped their way into the climax of entertainment. Ticket prices: $64.15 – $296.90



Trading one desert for another, I moved to Las Vegas from Arizona nearly three years ago. It was something about the sparkling lights and the all-encompassing entertainment factor that persuaded me to swap cacti for casinos and dry heat for well…even drier heat. And while I do love a good show, I will always keep true to my country girl ways seeing that I am an absolute sucker for a good country concert and will always indulge the opportunity to go out country dancing! But in a city that undoubtedly has some of the world’s best cuisine, a wild assortment of endless experiences, and of course phenomenal shows, Vegas certainly has that unparalleled good time vibe that can make a city slicker out of just about anyone… including myself!