Punk rock invades Vegas

Hardcore. Street. Trashy. Uncivilized. Ignorant. Dirty. Filthy. Rude.

These are words a “normie” might use to describe a scene at a punk rock festival.

The reality of the Punk Rock Bowling festival in downtown Las Vegas was anything but.

As I ventured into the festival, I was instead transported into a warm and welcoming community of families and fast friends.

Everyone I came across (or collided into) were some of the coolest and most hospitable people I’ve ever met. Misconceptions of punk are quickly wiped away the moment you step into the mosh pit.

If someone falls, they are quickly picked up and brushed off before they are thrown back into the madness.

The event itself was a refreshing new perspective on Las Vegas culture. It’s rare that such a diverse and underrepresented sub-culture gathers to celebrate who they are for a full weekend.

This was a scene I would both re-visit and highly recommend anyone spending some time with in the near future. Unless, of course you’re a “normie.”

By Roberto Raad
Photos by Andrew Repcik

Punk Rock Bowling festival. Photo by Andrew Repcik.

Punk Rock Bowling festival. Photo by Andrew Repcik.