Phantom celebrates its fourth anniversary in Vegas


Masked phantoms unite! That’s what happened on the evening of June 24 at the Venetian, and it wasn’t for a comic book convention. For one record-breaking moment 1,800 audience members wearing white masks became the largest “Phantom” gathering ever during a post-show photo to celebrate the fourth anniversary of “Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular” in Vegas. Before the photo everyone in the audience was handed a mask to put on. 

Directed by 21-time Tony Award winner Hal Prince, the show’s original director, and guided by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber “Phantom-The Las Vegas Spectacular” has wowed visitors from around the world with its lavish production elements and highly-talented performers.

Taking place in a $40 million custom-designed theater, the 95-minute spectacle’s name doesn’t lie. The incredible show features pyrotechnics, automated effects, 100,000 pounds of scenery hanging above the stage and a $5-million, 2,000-pound chandelier that falls from the ceiling and over the audience at a speed of 35 mph at least once a night during the show. When it comes to wardrobe the show has 500 costumes that cost $4.25 million.

Along with the production elements, the show’s success is the work of 142 cast, crew and orchestra members whose talents combine to create this elaborate production on a nightly basis. 

Now in it’s fifth year, it’s clear that the masked phantom isn’t leaving Vegas anytime soon.