‘One Night for One Drop’ trickles into third-annual Vegas celebration

Rehearsals are in full-swing inside of the LOVE Theater at the Mirage Hotel and Casino as featured artists of One Drop’s third-annual benefit performance begin preparation for 2015’s one-night-only charitable spectacular.

Launched in 2007 by Cirque du Soleil Founder Guy Laliberté, with the mission of ensuring that “…water is accessible to all, today and forever,” the non-profit organization One Drop has improved the lives of 300,000 plus individuals with an imperative, natural element that is largely taken for granted – clean water.

And while fundraising efforts take place year round to benefit the effort, it is because of the breathtaking “One Night for One Drop” event that record-breaking fundraising goals have been reached.

“We have a very special message to deliver to the world, and that is, it doesn’t matter where we

"One Night for One Drop" 2014

are, what our talent is, we can all contribute and we all have a role to play,” explained Catherine B. Bachand, One Drop CEO. “That is what this show is all about. It’s using creativity to change the world. Because of this event, in the past two editions, we’ve been able to raise $11.3 million.”

Depending on the preferred package with options of solely viewing the show to taking part in pre- and post-event activities, ticket prices range from $100 – $250,000 with all proceeds donated to the non-profit foundation. Additionally, a benefit auction takes place that has been a huge success in garnering support for the cause.

Since the event’s first edition in 2013, the shows have maintained a progressive storyline and this year, the Cirque-style production will reintroduce six women who have appeared in previous One Drop performances and include the audience on their taxing journey to find clean water.

Director of "One Night for One Drop" 2015, Mukhtar O.S. Mukhtar, photo courtesy of Las Vegas Sun

Mukhtar O.S. Mukhtar, Director for One Drop’s 2014 and 2015 editions, explained, “The premise of the show is really the journey of the women — not the destination — and finding out in that journey what they experience. We have six women who we’ve seen in previous One Drop [performances] and now we find out who these women are and what they explore.”

Further elaborating, Mukhtar, a former Cirque du Soleil performer himself, explained, “Each woman explores something different and I’ll give you an example; one woman is exploring love and the different forms of love [and] I want the people to really feel the different forms of love that we are showing. We are showing a love between a mother and her baby, we are also showing the love between twins and how unique that love is. And we are also showing a love between a feminine energy and a masculine energy whether that be man-man, woman-woman, or man-woman and show that love is all the same. We are showing how we can evoke these feelings and emotions in people and show each love is the same [even though] you feel different forms of love when you’re watching this.”

Demonstrating the unbreakable love between twins in this year’s show are the identical Atherton twins who are known for their beautifully fearless aerial feats in Cirque’s Zarkana.

And how exactly is this type of blood-bound love explained? “It’s unconditional,” the twins said. “We were in the womb together, we were brought up kind of individually but there was always that twin connection. I think that it’s not the case of most siblings, but you would always

Atherton Twins rehearsing 50 feet above the ground for 2015's "One Night for One Drop" Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Sun

put your identical twin first, far before you put yourself first and that goes for everything; safety, trust, and that’s what makes what we do so easy, how we make it look so easy. Because we both know that we’ve got each other — if anything does go wrong, we are going to put the other person before ourselves. That way we can concentrate on making the act as beautiful and as meaningful as we possibly can.”

And another form of undeniable love that is not featured in the show, but rather makes the entire production possible, is the abundant amount of love that has gone in to making this fundraising event a success. With a cast of approximately 105 talented volunteer performers from all eight of Las Vegas’ Cirque du Soleil productions and other shows, in addition to generous product donations from companies such as M.A.C Cosmetics who will be supplying all of the production’s makeup, the full cost of the production is covered through time, monetary, and product donations so that every penny raised can directly benefit the cause.

“We have a lot of donations coming in,” Mukhtar said. “There is a lot of help that is pushing and driving the show this year, which is amazing and everything goes to the foundation — Cirque makes no money from this, it’s really beautiful. Everything that we make all goes to One Drop and the cause.”

Atherton Twins show the love of brothers as they trust each other with their lives 50 feet above the ground. Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Sun

In addition to tangible donations, every crew member and performer, including the Atherton twins (who are training and rehearsing for “One Night for One Drop” in addition to their 10 weekly “Zarkana” performances) are coming together to donate their time and labor in order to maximize the charitable profits.

Being the most dazzling Cirque du Soleil performance of the year and only running for one night, this astonishing spectacular attracts guests from a wide variety of backgrounds. From average families to Hollywood celebrities, “One Night for One Drop” has become a renowned success that continues to excite all kinds of people and effortlessly encourages individuals to get involved.

Local celebrity and star of Las Vegas’ “Pin Up,” Claire Sinclair, has attended the previous editions of “One Night for One Drop” and plans to go to all One Drop performances in the future. Of One Drop’s event last year, Sinclair said, “I really enjoyed “One Night for One Drop” last year because they did a phenomenal job explaining what their cause was and making everybody want to get behind it and support it and raise awareness about how many people are living without sanitation and clean water.” She continued, “A lot of Vegas performers came out and supported the cause and put on a phenomenal show and I am sure this year’s event is going to be just as good.”

With an opportunity that only comes once a year – aptly scheduled right before World Water Day on March 22 – gather your family and friends for an evening of community involvement and experience for yourself just how incredible giving back to the world can be.

To learn more about the show and how to purchase your ticket, click here.

Check out this sneak preview of the Atherton Twins rehearsing their exclusive One Drop aerial performance that takes place 50 feet above the ground:


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