New Vegas magic show has lots of variety

Vegas Magic Theater host Ben Stone gets the help of a volunteer for a card trick on stage.

Vegas Magic Theater host Ben Stone astounds his volunteer and the audience with a card trick.

By Caroline Fontein

Last night, Vegas Magic Theatre officially opened at the Gold Coast. Magic celebrities Lance Burton and Siegfried of the famed Seigfried and Roy magic duo were some of the attendees in the audience to welcome the city’s newest magic revue.

Vegas Magic Theatre has a variety show format with the main emphasis on magicians. Australian Ben Stone is the host. He opens the show by singing the hit song, “Feeling Good,” before stepping into his role as charismatic host. Stone also demonstrates his talents as a magician¬†with a few tricks later on in the show.

Vegas Magic Theater

  • When: 7 p.m. Thu. – Fri., Sun.; 5 and 7:30 p.m. Sat.
  • Where: Gold Coast
  • Tickets:from $14.95

In addition to Stone, the 70-minute revue showcases three to four entertainers from around the world whose skills can range from sleight-of-hand magic to box illusions, juggling and even singing. The headliners change every week.

Last night the featured performers included: magician Murray SawChuck from “America’s Got Talent,” comic juggler Michael Goudeau from Burton’s show, sleight-of-hand magician Adam Flowers, and singer Jasmine Trias, the third place finalist from season three of “American Idol.”

The show takes place in an intimate venue where close-up magic tricks doesn’t lose their flair. Even guests seated in the back of the theater feel like they’re part of what’s happening on stage.

An hour before the show starts, guests are invited to come to the Magic Lounge in front of the theater for some up-close entertainment. Last night, Flowers was in the lounge amazing guests with his signature levitating cigarette act. Strolling entertainers will be there every night to provide guests with pre-show entertainment.

For magic fans, Vegas Magic Theatre is a dream come true. The varied line-up packs in a hearty helping of talent and magic styles all into one lively show, and that’s no illusion.